10 Travel Beauty Essentials

Travelling is what we all love and we all must! Taking time out of our busy schedules and going on a trip always sounds rejuvenating and fun. But, us girls, we have to keep some things in mind while we pack our bags and are off for fun! Even though beauty is a relative term and the society sticks to the typical orthodox standards of beauty, still we can’t deny the fact that beauty products do serve other purposes as well besides adding radiance to our faces. Let this be a guide for the beauty essentials to carry while you are on the go!

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Things to Carry –

  • Facewash:

Wherever you go or whenever you go, do not forget to carry your facewash along with you. It is the foremost essential thing that should be in your bag whenever you are travelling. After a tiring journey, the first thing that you must do is to wash your face with a good facewash as it instantly hydrates the skin and lets you get rid of all the impurities.

  • Moisturiser:

After washing your face dry it off with a towel. Do not rub your face too hard with the towel as it leaves the skin cells damaged. Gently dab on the towel on your face and take a generous amount of moisturiser on your palm and apply it out on your face. Make sure you even it out on your face and neck properly.

  • Concealer:

A concealer is a must. If you are a no-makeup person, this is just the right product for you. You need not put on foundation, especially if you are visiting a place with tropical weather conditions. Concealer shall be your best friend for the rest of the day. If you have any spots or acne, just put little dots of concealer on them and even them out by dabbing with your finger. Do not forget to put some under your eyes as it remarkably hides your dark circles making your eyes look less puffy (even if you are dying for sleep)!

  • Kajal/Kohl:

If you are going out for a drink or two with your gang in the shacks or maybe just going to chill around by the campfire, just put some kajal/kohl on your lower lash line (pro tip: don’t forget to fill in the waterline as it creates an edgy look). You may put some on the upper lash line as well, but that is entirely a personal choice.

  • Mascara:

It is a product you must keep in your bag even if you are going around in your city. It is a miraculous product, lifting your lashes upwards and opening up your eyes a lot more. For even better results add a second or a third coat on the first one.

  • Dry shampoo:

An extremely useful item for all girls out there. There are days when your hair turns greasy, but you have no time to shampoo your hair, right? This is when this product comes to play. Just spray on some dry shampoo to give your hair an instant bounce even without shampooing.

  • Sunscreen:

A product everyone has heard of and is necessary for your everyday life. The sweltering heat from the sun leaves you with weird tan lines that become very difficult to get rid of. Apply some on your face, neck and hands before stepping out in the sun, and you fear no more.

  • Sunglasses:

Sunglasses don’t make you look good and stylish only, at the same time they protect the area around the eyes. Choosing a sunglass can get difficult because it should complement our face cut. Opting for a wrong shape can make your look lose all the points.

  • Lipbalm:

Keeping your lips hydrated is an essential part of your routine life. Carry a lip balm always wherever you go. Even if you don’t put on lipstick, a lip balm comes to your rescue. Not only do they hydrate your lips, but they also make your lips look fuller and tinted.

  • Wet tissues:

If you have been under the sun for long, you tend to lose the moisture and sweating doesn’t make you feel good. This is when a set of wet wipes helps you get rid of all the sweat and dirt, leaving your face fresh and hydrated for a couple of hours or more.

Next time you go on a trip, you need not to fuss about what to carry and why. Trips are meant for memories and moments. Put your worries to rest and have fun without pondering over your hair and skin anymore!