4 Beautiful Waterfalls in Medan that You Must Visit

After months at home, nature tourism can be your destination to unwind but still feel safe during the pandemic. Especially when you miss being in direct contact with nature and playing in waterfalls, that will make your tour mates feel relieved.

Don’t forget to find out complete information about each tourist spot, whether you have allowed tourists to enter or not so that your vacation will still be fun, and always obey the regulations and health protocols that apply in the local area.

In Medan, you can visit not only Lake Toba. Waterfall tours are also no less interesting. The combination of green cliffs, clear pools of water, and waterfalls that seem to dance will hypnotize you, make you a fresh body and soul.

  1. Adventure in the Forest for the Two-Colored Waterfall of Sibolangit

The name of this Two-Colored Waterfall often attracts the attention of tourists. Why not? Many people are very curious because of his name. Surprisingly, this waterfall has two colors.

This waterfall has two colors of water, namely grayish white and blue. The blue color found in the water stays in the pool, while the white color is found in the water that emanates from above. This color combination is caused by the phosphorus and sulfur content in the water.

Not only color, but the two waters also have different temperatures. Blue water has a cold temperature, while grayish white water has a warm temperature. To reach this waterfall, you have to go through the forest first, here!

To get here, you need to cover a distance of 75 km from Medan – Sibolangit. Therefore, it is recommended to bring or rent a vehicle and use the services of a guide for reasons of comfort and safety.

  1. Travel with Elephants at Tangkahan Waterfall

At Tangkahan Waterfall, you don’t just enjoy the scenery and play in the water, you know. You can also play with the elephants there, ride the elephants, and even bathe the elephants! It will be a moment you will never forget.

If you plan to take part in bathing the elephants, make sure you are here before 7.00 and 15.00 WIB, so you don’t miss bathing the elephants. You only need to pay IDR 100,000 to be able to play with the elephants here.

Are you familiar with this bridge? This bridge became one of the shooting spots for the video clip of the song “Adu Rayu,” where in the video there are Nicholas Saputra and Velove Vexia. So don’t forget to take photos here, okay? When are you going to a place that Nicholas Saputra has visited?

Although only three meters high, the water is fresh and warm. Perfect for relieving aches. To reach this waterfall, you have to cross the river because it is in the middle of the forest.

Because it is located in a tourist area, visiting Tangkahan Waterfall, you don’t have to worry about lodging. However, you can rent a room or camp if you intend to stay here longer.

To get here from Kualanamu Airport, you have to take the Damri bus to Pinang Baris Terminal from Kualanamu Airport. Then you can continue by bus to Tangkahan. So after four to five hours of travel, you will get here.

  1. The Magnificence of Siboruon Waterfall

Siboruon Waterfall is still unknown to many people. This waterfall has the potential to become a tourist spot. But, unfortunately, you need more effort to visit it because the access to get it is not too adequate.

This waterfall is in the forest of Siboruon Village and is close to residential areas. For those of you who want to track accompanied by a relaxed, calm atmosphere, and haven’t been visited by many people, this waterfall can be your destination of choice.

  1. The Magical Beauty of Euphrates Falls

As the name suggests, this beautiful waterfall is located on Samosir Island. Efrata Waterfall is no less existent than Lake Toba. Although the route to get here is steep and winding, it will all pay off when you arrive at the location.

Efrata Waterfall is said to be a hidden gem because of its location behind the hills of Lake Toba. The lush trees add to the beauty of this 100 meter high waterfall. The cliffs that the Euphrates waterfall passes through are tiered and in the form of black rock.

You can camp if you only get here at night. The peaceful conditions and the appearance of fireflies in the dark at night give a different night experience.

To get to this place, you have to go to Samosir Island by ferry to go through the Ajibata route. The price for the crossing is IDR 115,000 per person and a vehicle or choose a passenger boat for IDR 10,000 from Tigaraja Harbor.

There are no definite directions to Efrata Waterfall, you just need to be diligent in asking, so you don’t get lost on the road. People around here are still familiar with the name Sosor Dolok Waterfall. So, use the name Sosor Dolok Waterfall to ask for its location.

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