4 Best Activities to do in Jakarta, Indonesia

When most people think of seeing Indonesia, they most likely imagining the stunning places in Bali, in seeing its amazing temples and magnificent waterfalls. But actually, Indonesian diversity is widely illustrated in Jakarta.

That was having been said, the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta, is a fantastic little place for a couple of days visit, particularly if you’re currently in Java. Now, being such a large and populous town, it can be tough to pinpoint the very best things to do in Jakarta, particularly if the landscapes are scattered all around town.

To give you a piece of accurate information, we will discuss below the best activities you can do while in Jakarta.

  1. Merdeka Square

It’s here that people in Jakarta come to take a breather from the traffic. The symbolic center of Jakarta, Merdeka Square (Merdeka means independence), is a trapezoid area measuring nearly one sq km. In the 19th century, the Dutch called it Koningsplein (Kings Square), and it turned into a focus for the city once they transferred the authorities here from older Batavia (Kota). It has always had a significant part in life. The principal entrance is on the south side.

Merdeka Square was home to a variety of authority buildings. Starting with Sukarno (and ongoing with Suharto), attempts were made to turn it into a proper park. After several fits and starts, nearly all of the buildings were removed by the mid-1990s.

Regrettably, the authorities took a dim view of Merdeka’s usage for protest rallies throughout the upheavals of both 1998 and 2002, so they constructed the huge iron fence around the square, which you see now (you could still find a little demonstration or two outside the square if you see ). This barrier frequently hampers accessibility (and egress). However, once you’re indoors, walking beneath the trees, watching children play pick-up soccer, finding the deer enclosure, and delighting at an easy meal, you will fully appreciate this grand expanse.

  1. Taman Fatahillah

Kota’s central cobblestone square, surrounded by imposing Dutch Colonial buildings, is Jakarta’s most attractive place and a favorite gathering place for vacationers and locals. The scenic bell-towered former city hall (1627) currently houses the excellent Jakarta History Museum. However, the former Palace of Justice (1866) construction was transformed in the Museum Seni Rupa Dan Keramik, showcasing traditional and modern Indonesian artists. This is Museum Wayang, including the very best wayang (horizontal wooden puppets) set in Java.

It’s also a lovely place to enjoy a meal and a beverage, followed by excellent people-watching. In Dutch times, Taman Fatahillah was called StadhuisPlein and has been the center of Batavia. Later it was renamed to the commander who seized Sunda Kelapa in the Portuguese in the 16th century.

  1. Galeri Nasional

Over 1700 functions of art by black and foreign artists are a part of the National Gallery collection. While just a few works are on screen at any moment, in addition, there are huge spaces for routine — and well-curated — particular displays. The centerpiece of this sprawling palm-shaded complicated is the 1817 Dutch construction.

There is a tiny open-air cafe that provides a wonderful respite from beating the local sidewalk pondering monuments. Visitors need to check their luggage in a cloakroom.

  1. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

This 100-hectare park includes full-scale conventional homes for every Indonesian province, with screens of regional handicrafts and clothes and a mini-scale Borobudur. Museums, theaters, and an IMAX theatre are sprinkled throughout the reasons, which command extra entry fees (from IDR 20,000 into IDR 140,000). Other attractions include a little water park, a distance exploration ministry, and an atrium with over 760 birds out of Indonesia. Free cultural performances have been staged in selected regional homes.

It is good to hire a Grab car, Go-Jek bicycle or bike (IDR 25,000 each hour) inside the park as the area is huge. It is easy to spend hours wandering about here.

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