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  4 Surprising Health Benefits of Raw Fish

Are you looking for a way to incorporate more fresh, whole foods into your diet?

Avoiding processed food ensures consuming high-quality nutrients without any nasty chemicals and preservatives. It goes without saying, then, that eating raw fish is not only delicious but healthy too!

So, is raw fish healthy? Check out our guide of the four surprising health benefits.

  1. Improves Immune Health

Japan has one of the highest life expectancies in the world and raw fish is a big part of their diet. So is Japanese food healthy? Well, eating raw fish has been shown to boost immune health by working to reduce inflammation.

If you suffer from autoimmune symptoms such as fatigue, sore muscles, lack of focus, tingling in the hands and feet, skin rashes, and hair loss, supplementing your diet with raw fish could be a good idea.

  1. Loaded With Nutrients

Raw fish is extremely rich in omega-3 fats and these fats are beneficial to your cardiovascular system. Omega-3 fats are responsible for lowering cholesterol and reducing the risk of strokes and hypertension. It is also important for supporting brain health.

Cooking fish, by frying and grilling especially, has been shown to reduce the amount of omega-3 fats. Therefore, eating it raw is the best way to enjoy all the health benefits of these nutrients.

Beyond omegas, raw fish is chock-full of essential vitamins and nutrients. You can benefit from magnesium, iron, high-quality protein, and vitamin D among others.

  1. Lacks Preservatives of Processed Food

It’s no secret that the healthiest way to consume food is in its whole, natural form. Every step of processing food adds nasty chemicals and preservatives that are detrimental to your health.

Eating fresh, raw fish takes away the risk of consuming synthetic chemicals that may have adverse effects in the long term.

  1. Low-Calorie

For people looking to drop a few pounds, raw fish is a fantastic low-calorie, high-protein option. Fish promotes weight loss because it’s pretty filling, yet not loaded with calories.

Eating raw fish reduces weight gain even more by taking oils, butter, cream, and other ingredients out of the equation.

Three Popular Raw Food Dishes

If you’re ready to experiment with raw food meals and recipes or expand your horizons, try some of these popular dishes. Inspired by countries throughout the world, there’s something for everyone.


A typical Japanese style of eating raw fish that has boomed in popularity throughout the world. Is sushi healthy? Well, that depends on how you eat it. Eating simple slices of raw fish, called sashimi, is healthier than the mayonnaise and sauce soaked California rolls.


A fresh, bright Hawaiin salad with chunks of raw fish and vegetables. Is poke healthy? It certainly is, with healthy fats and lean protein. Get yourself a delicious bowl at Steve’s Poke Bar.


A Latin American dish of raw fish cured in lemon and lime juice. Ceviche is packed with antioxidants, omegas, and collagen.

Is Raw Fish Healthy? Absolutely! 

The Japanese are clearly onto something and hopefully, we’ve answered the question is raw fish healthy? It’s loaded with nutrients and is consumed without any processing or cooking to destabilize those nutrients.

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