4 things every rideshare driver must know

Becoming your own boss and ditching the 9-to-5 life is a dream come true for many. Driving rideshare vehicles allows you to set your own working schedule in the comforts of your own car.

It’s no surprise that rideshare companies like WeDrive, Uber and Lyft have attracted thousands of drivers looking for that lifestyle.

For those considering starting a career as a rideshare driver, the team at WeDrive has come up with four things you should know:

  1. It’s a good idea to know the streets: Sometimes when a passenger hops into the car, they’ll ask for you to go a specific route or to avoid tolls. While the GPS feature on your phone can help you get from A to B, it can’t hurt to be familiar with the major streets around you.
  2. Remember ratings matter: It’s like how the saying goes “the customer is always right”. Ridesharing is all about providing good service to customers. As a rideshare driver, you also need to display great driving habits and skills. Usually you’ll be rated out of five stars by the passenger and you should never dip below 4.5. Raising your rating can be done by making sure your car is clean, giving control of the temperature, windows and music to the customer and being polite.
  3. The passengers make the job worth it: Many drivers say the best part of the job is meeting new people. When a new person hops into your car, they will always have a unique story to share. And remember, if you do experience a difficult passenger, you can rate them as well.
  4. Always be prepared: If you’re a rideshare driver, expect the unexpected. That could mean flat tyres, a dead battery or other mechanical issues. Always have a spare tyre on hand and a basic tool kit, including jumper cables. Make sure you have roadside assistance so you can get on your way again as quickly as possible, should you break down – and book your car in for regular maintenance.