5 Data Privacy Trends to Watch in 2021

Are you concerned about the growing trend of data collection from companies? You aren’t alone.

An estimated 79% of people say they are concerned about the way that companies handle their data. Whether you’re a consumer thinking about signing up for a website or a company collecting information, this is a problem you’ll need to deal with in the future.

If you’re wondering how the world of online privacy will change in 2021, this post will help. Below are five data privacy trends that are worth paying attention to in 2021.

  1. More Regulations

It seems like we hear about a new data leak every month these days. It doesn’t matter if your company is small or large. If you don’t put in place online security, you’ll put your customer’s data at risk.

The problem now is that consumers are aware of what’s going on and are demanding something be done to protect their data. Expect governments around the world to listen and enact new data protection laws in the coming year.

  1. Third-Party Support

You used to be able to handle privacy concerns in-house. The data regulation policies weren’t complicated, so there wasn’t much work in putting together your security protocol. With the added regulations with the GDPR and future digital laws, that’s going to change.

With an expanding set of rules, expect more privacy-related companies to step up to help. Many organizations will begin relying on these companies to help stay compliant with the regulations.

  1. Data Transparency

Companies collect a lot of data these days. Social media websites rely on this information to build advertising platforms to make money. The problem is that a lot of the data collection process is unwanted.

Because of the rising concern of social media privacy, expect companies to start being more transparent with the data they collect. You’ll be able to see what information a company stores about you and how it’s used.

  1. Security Automation

With the added demands of data security today, there’s more need than ever for security specialists. The problem is that there’s more demand than there are workers.

To solve this problem, security companies will begin creating automation and AI systems to take care of the work. Expect 2021 to see more software programs that take care of privacy concerns.

  1. Data Removal Policies

Are you one of those people who isn’t sure that a company deletes all your data after your close your account? The good news is that in 2021, that might not be as much of a concern.

Several large companies have already begun providing a means for consumers to delete all data that was collected about them. Expect this trend to continue until this feature is commonplace.

Data Privacy Trends Are Worth Paying Attention To

It can be overwhelming to look at all the new information coming out about data and online privacy. Every year brings countless new changes, so it’s tough to keep up with everything. Make sure you do your part to pay attention to data privacy trends, so you’re prepared for what’s coming in the future.

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