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About Brie Cheese and Goats Milk Brie

Brie is a cheese that is made from cow’s milk. It is off-white in color and is a ripened cheese that is soft. It also has a white mold and this cheese is considered to be one of the most delicious cheese. Brie originated in France. Brie is also known as a farmhouse cheese that is very soft. When it comes to the flavor of brie many people say that brie is buttery and earthy, and fruity in taste. The texture is creamy and runny and the aroma is earthy. Brie is made from cow’s milk both pasteurized and unpasteurized. In order to make the milk thick, rennet & enzymes are added to it.

Brie & Camembert

There are many uses of brie. You can even use brie for baking. Brie becomes ripe in around 4 weeks. Apart from that, another substitute for brie is camembert. Both brie and camembert are made from cow’s milk and are soft-ripened cheese. One of the things that you will notice about brie is that brie is milder and creamy and buttery with an earthy aroma, while camembert has a deep flavor of mushroom and an aroma that is funky. The milk fat percentage is high in brie if you compare it with camembert.

Best Ways of Eating Brie

With another cheese family, you can also welcome brie. One of the best ways brie is served is with baguette slices, fruits, nuts, and crackers. You can bake brie alone or wrapped in a pastry and then serve it with fruit and bread. Apart from that melted brie or chunks of brie can be used very well in pizzas, Panini, grilled sandwiches, sauces, casseroles, and gratins. Unless and until you are ready to eat brie you can refrigerate brie. For getting the best flavors and texture, allow the brie to come to room temperature.

Keeping Brie Packed

Once you have opened brie cheese, wrap it back with the original wrap or in wax paper, or tightly wrap in a plastic wrap paper or foil paper and keep it. Before you eat the brie, make sure to check its rind which should look fresh and white. Also, make sure that you look out for brown spots, wetness, and slimy brown spots. You can freeze brie for up to 3 months in tightly wrapped foil paper or another kind of paper for wrapping cheese. Also, make sure that you use a closed zipped bag.

Goat Brie Cheese

Freezing brie can change its consistency, so you should use it for cooking or use in cooked dishes. For baking, it is suggested that you use fresh brie. You also get in the market goat brie cheese. This is made from goat’s milk. Goats’ milk can be easily digested. So, people who cannot consume cheese made from cow’s milk can now enjoy the cheese that is made from goat milk. Goat’s milk contains less protein, fat, and calories if you compare it with cow milk. It contains more vitamins also. Therefore, if you want brie but not cow’s milk, then you can always choose goat’s milk brie.

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