All types of bookmaker bonus bets you need to know about –

Bonus bets and free bets come in a variety of formats. If you are a beginner and you do not have any prior knowledge of these Free bets and bonus bets, then, you need to be knowing about these most common formats of the same.

Match your stake bet

This is possibly the most common form amongst all of the bookmaker bets. All you need to do is, you need to open an account and then place a bet. The bookie will then match the exact amount of your first bet placed, and then you will be given double the number of stakes of your original bet placed.

In simple words, if you place a bet of say $10, then the bookmaker will somehow match that same stake with a bonus of $10. Therefore, giving you a total bet amount a sum of $20.

The only restrictions that you may have for these types of free bets are the typical minimum and maximum amount of placing the bet. There is a threshold below which; you will not be able to place a bet. Similarly, there will be a higher limit above which you cannot place a bet. It differs from place to place.

Free Bet Series

Just like the Match Your Stake bet, same is the free bet series system of betting. The only difference will be that your free bets will be divided into several individual bets rather than a lump-sum bid. 

How will this system of betting work?

Well, it will bet just like any other system of betting, but it will be automatically divided into various individual bets. For example, if you happen to place a bet of about $50, then you will be receiving the bets in the form of five tokens of $10 each.