All you need to know if you are going to celebrate your civil wedding before a notary

Couples can celebrate the marriage in the month of the year they wish but it is their duty to register the wedding in the civil registry within 30 days of the ceremony. The essential requirements of the civil marriage(mariage civil for French speakers) are names of the parties, date, place, office, parish or priest who celebrated it. In addition to the essential requirements, a proof of the presence of an authentic copy of the parish certificate must be given when it is a Catholic wedding or the religious annotation. In the case of civil marriages before Municipal Civil Judges or Notaries you need a notarization deed of the judicial or administrative proceedings corresponding to their celebration.

Marriage and registration

The marriage can be registered by any person who has a citizenship card. As a general rule, marriages must be registered within 30 days of the celebration thereof. However, if you did not register within that term, you can register later without fines or sanctions.When you are going to carry out a legal procedure and as proof of marital status, the only valid document is the Civil Registry of Marriage.So it is important to register the union of the couple and for this you must go to a notary or Registrar or to the consulate if the man marries outside.

Today notaries can get married. Yes, but it is you who have to open the marriage record in the Civil Registry. For this, you need a minimum of two visits to the Registry and between three and up to six months of waiting depending on the city. Once you have this file in your power, go to the notary with your ID and registration and the link could be held without problem. Notary is something that you need to consult with someone very professional. If you live in Quebec, Montreal you can contact Mona SalehiNotaire to get more information. This legal deal needs some of the documents to be submitted. This is why you should consult before hiring the expert.

Conclusion: Start of the file to marry civilly

It is done by presenting a document that must be expressed according to articles of the Regulation of the Civil Registry. The documents that cannot be presented can be provided at a later time. The required documents are mentions of identity including the profession of the parties. The name and surnames of the previous spouse or spouses and the date of dissolution of the marriage, the statement that there is no impediment to marriage, peoples in which they had resided or been domiciled in the last two years, signature of the future parties, signing a witness at the request of the contracting party that cannot do so and birth certificate of both parties are essential.