Architectural firm and the duties performed by them

The architectural firm is the organization that has employees with licensed architects and who practices the profession of the architecture by doing more number of constructions with many construction companies. In the United Kingdom, the architectural firm is the company which does architectural services. The architecture is the thing that has been established in early BC. The Indian temple architects are one of the best examples to know about how architecture has got famous by the king of Cholas, Cheras, and Pandiyas. There is no study of architect those days but they have been architecture the buildings by many processing as by their own knowledge. Those days they won’t have any architectural firms but nowadays many residencies, companies, tall buildings, bridges have been constructing through these architectural firms. And the architecture is one of the human histories that how they have built wealthy designs as long as years ago. Only at the time of the 19th century, the architecture has been practiced as the profession where the specific study and the training that how the building has been developed in a beautiful way.

The small architectural firms have only fewer peoples and they will not have any formal organization structure and they will depend upon the relationship of the companies that how the employees have been organizing their works. The architectural firm will be containing a building construction of how the building should be developed and how the interior and the exterior designs should be formed all will be planned by these architectural firms. There are many firms all over the world and all will be containing a relationship with the construction companies that they will be having of tie-ups. The architectural firms will be developing the buildings in a beautiful way and the lightings, effects that how the elevation should be will all be constructed by these architectural firms.