Are Stools the Future of Office Workspace Comfort?

10 years ago, if someone brought a stool into the office, it would catch a ton of eyes and be questioned as a weird, if not impractical, choice of seating. The office chair is traditionally what is found at desks all around the world, so why are so many abandoning it for ergonomic stools?

The answer is pretty simple. Office chairs do not support the body in the way that it needs. More specifically, features found in many office chairs like back rests, arm rests, and even the cushioned seating provided by every stereotypical office chair seen in movies or TV do more harm than good.

The Office Chair Limits the Worker

The office experience is simply one of a lot of sedentary time spent working. It is hard to imagine a job in a corporate or government office that does not involve sitting and staying still at a desk for hours upon hours of the day. In the end, it may as well be the way millions of Americans plan on spending their lives, and that goes for many all over the planet as well. At the very least, all of that sitting can really limit muscle and bone support, leading to more injuries as the body fails to move in ways that it is meant to.

In the easiest sense, it would be logical to find a solution, and that’s what Autonomous has done with the ErgoStool. This is no barstool one would find at a bar or diner. The ErgoStool is an ergonomic answer to a much needed to ask question: how can office chairs do more to support the workers who use them? Simply put: office chairs are limiting, and the ErgoStool does much more than a chair can without the major price tag that comes with many executive style office chairs.

The ErgoStool Supports Them in Every Way

The ErgoStool, for under $100, is a remarkable product from a brand known for its remarkable products. The easiest way to define Autonomous is a brand that does more that costs the consumer less. Even their premium office chair product is less than other competitors by hundreds of dollars. The experience of ergonomic seating should not be something that drains the bank account, and Autonomous understands that. The ErgoStool is a prime example.

With a heavy base to support every single user who might want to make the transition, the ErgoStool relies on a simple concept to provide users with a comfortable way of enjoying the desk work largely required by most office jobs. The cushioned seating is oversized enough to support all sizes and shapes of people, and the chair is meant to sway and move just as the body does when it is standing.

Naturally, the body shifts its weight back and forth to provide the user with comfort and an evenly distributed posture that keeps the shoulders tall and the back straight. At the end of a long work day in a bad chair, professionals may find their shoulders or back to be quite sore, and that comes from limiting the body to a stand still position for far too long in the day. This can really take a toll on the body, which is why the ErgoStool is meant to provide the most natural seating position, without the threat of over relying on a back rest or arm rests.


Switch to an Autonomous Office Chair Today

An ergonomic office chair should not cost a fortune, and the ErgoStool is the most affordable way to turn bad posture into great support and comfort during the work day. explore it here