Band 5? It deserves!

Band 5 is the fourth HONOR wearable product that the author has tested. Only Band 5 has oxygen saturation function in the world. The author has a new experience after using it for several days.

  1. Tone:

Black is a common and popular color. It matches in today’s smart band market. I think, this is because of the low-key and stable nature of black. Also, this relates to its consumers. According to relevant survey data, the consumer age of smart bands is 26-40 years old. Meanwhile, the proportion of men is much higher than that of women. So, it is conceivable that black is the most popular color matching in bands.

  1. Weight:

The first feeling Band 5 gives the user is that it is light. The weight of HONOR band is 22.7 g. This is a very good level. Such weight on your hands will not affect your life at all. When you don’t use it, you won’t feel its existence. This band will give you unknow help. Isn’t it good?

  1. AMOLED Super Clear Color Screen

In addition to its weight, Band 5 has one of its biggest highlights. That is the 0.95-inch AMOLED color screen. AMOLED screen has better display effect and fineness during the day than ordinary LCD and black-and-white screens.

Imagine it. You are taking a band to go to work, and the bus is late. You want to see how long it will be late. Then, you raise your wrist. However, the sun is obliquely on the band. As a result, all you can see is the black watchband. So, you have to take out your cell phone again to check the time. The AMOLED screen will not have this embarrassing situation. Because it has a brand-new way of emitting light from LCD.

Viewed from near, Band 5 has a small circle under its screen. This is the HOME key. It has the same function as the home key of the previous mobile phone. Press this key, and you can return to the display time page.

  1. Considerate Charging Method

At last, I have to say that Band 5 has a practical and considerate function. That is, its charging does not need to remove the watchband. Like a mobile phone, you can charge it by plugging in the charger. This function is comfortable for consumers.

As consumers, what we are pursuing is convenience, quickness and intelligence. Band 5 has realized such functions. It gives people a beautiful experience. Also, it makes people fondle admiringly. Of course, in addition to its own functional advantages, Band 5 price is an eye-catching point. Compared with smart bands with the same performance, the price of Band 5 is competitive.