Best web series that still kicks your mood high today

Nowadays, most of the people get their needs in their mobile only including entertainment. As a reason for this, many popular OTT platforms look on this opportunity and extend their services through mobile App. In this sense, exclusive Telugu OTT platform Aha videos also extended the services through mobile app with providing videos, movies, web series, TV shows, etc to their premium users. While searching for the best web Telugu series that still kicks your mood high, it can result in Aha videos only.

Why because it came as an exclusive Telugu platform for streaming videos. It contained a huge collection of super hit movies, masterpieces, and popular Telugu web series to entertain the users. Let’s have a look at the best Telugu shows online on Aha now.


Locked, a web series thrilled Telugu audience on Aha videos. It became a super hit on Aha videos by getting high views within the short time. The story revolved around the neurosurgeon. Satyadev played the lead role and appeared as neurosurgeon Dr. Anand, who was locked by strange people in his own house in the web series. The web series moves on how the situations happen while Dr. Anand is locked in his own house? How did he overcome those situations? Why did the strange people lock Dr. Anand in his own house?

Pradeep Deva Kumar showed the entire web series with thrilling elements and attracted audience high. He designed every episode with the end of thrill. After the long gap, veteran character artist played an important role in the web series. All the lead actors did excellent jobs within the limits of their characters. The cinematography enhanced the feel of thrill in the movie with dark shade shots. Locked running successful on Aha. To watch it, browse ‘Telugu shows online’ on ‘Aha’.

GeethaSubramanyam 2020

Siva Sai Vardhan created a web series named GeethaSubramanyam, which was the biggest hit on YouTube when the OTT platforms were not familiar to the Telugu people. Further, he made a sequel for GeethaSubramanyam with the name of GeethaSubramanyam 2020 for Aha.

The story of the web series focused on what kind of problems and situations happen while a couple live together? Director Siva Sai Vardhan showed situations and problems between the couple interestingly. Karthik, Nakshatra played lead roles and Sunny Viva, Deek Sunny appeared in supporting characters in the web series.

The chemistry between Karthik and Nakshatra is wormed well. The web series received high views from the family and youth audience. Browse the terms ‘Telugu shows online’ on Aha to watch GeethaSubramanyam 2020.


Masti’s, a web came with a different storyline. The well known versatile director KrishJagarlamudi, who created super hits under his direction in Tollywood has given script for Masti’s. The story revolved around six people and the director focused on how love and friendship affects work and life in various pitfalls?

Ajay Bhuyan directed Masti’s under the supervision of KrishJagarlamudi. The treatment of the story is completely classy. The Tollywood popular star cast like Navdeep, BindhuMadavi, Hebah Patel, Akshara Gowda, ChandiniChowdary, Raja Chembolu appeared in lead roles with equal priority in the story. Masti’s running too good at Aha videos. Browse the terms ‘Telugu shows online’ at Aha to watch Masti’s.

Apart from the above, many pure Telugu best web series like #Shit Happens, KothaPoradu, etcplaced on aha videos.