Capture the world from a different perspective

Every photographer wants to click better pictures. However, there are very few photographs that appear to be astonishing to the viewers. The one key thing that all veteran photographers have in common is to see the world in different ways.

Your lens could do better than the eyes

Everybody is tired of seeing things through the level of their eyes. Have you ever seen a photograph which was a low angle shot? If yes, then you must have felt something different about that picture. It gives you a feeling that you are looking at the world from someone else’s eyes, most probably an insect or an animal. This is one of the ingredients of a good photograph, taking pictures from a different angle. If you are shooting portraits, then the camera has to be at the eye level of that person.

However, you can still be creative. Try to implement stuff like bushes, the bark of a tree, etc. in front of the lens to fill the foreground portion slightly. This will create depth in the photograph. You can also use your surroundings as a backdrop. Find an interesting wall, maybe, and use it as a backdrop. Even portraits taken as low angle shot, with a large focal length makes an excellent picture. Use the sky as a backdrop in such cases. Keep experimenting. Also try Rembrandt lighting for portrait photography.

Learn some basic rules of composition:

When it comes to any art form, there are several rules which can be followed to make the shot even better. However, an artist is not limited by the rules. You can experiment in your own way, too. But having the knowledge of key compositing rules will help you to frame your subject in a better way. These rules include the rule of thirds, cropping, etc. It is not necessary to follow all of these to capture an excellent picture. The experiment is keeping these rules in mind, and see what you achieve. Try shooting with different white balances to create a mood in the picture.

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