5 Peaceful Ways to Be Content and Happy With Life Right Now

Happiness: one of the most sought after ideas. We often seek it, chase it, and work for it as if this idea hides somewhere out there. But, many people fail to realize that happiness resides within us.

Feeling happy and content in your life should not seem like a struggle. In fact, when you fight for this, you lose it.

Stop trying hard and try easy. Read on to learn how to simply feel happy with life.

  1. Choose Happiness

You don’t find happiness, you choose it. Simply decide to be happy and you will feel a sense of contentment with your life.

Unpleasant things may upset you in life, and you can allow yourself to feel the emotions from them. But do not allow yourself to dwell in disaster.

Many people develop an addiction to unhappiness. They may feel afraid or unworthy of it. Or, they might identify so deeply with their traumas that it feels like a part of them.

Know that you deserve happiness. Choose to let go of the choices and feelings that do not serve you and focus on the things you love in life.

  1. Enjoy Simple Pleasures

Do what makes you happy. Often people find that the simplest pleasures in life bring the most joy and contentment.

Watch the sunrise, read your favorite book, throw an adult pajama party, or order your favorite cheesesteak sub from Take note of the times you feel happiest and do those things more often.

  1. Practice Mindfulness

Longing for the past creates sorrow while stressing about the future triggers anxiety. According to mindfulness research, living in the present moment establishes contentment.

This does not mean that you should never reminisce with friends or plan for your future. It means you should spend most of your life in the present.

When you feel overcome by sadness or worry, use your 5 senses to bring you back to the now. What can you see, hear, touch, smell, and taste right now?

Practices like meditation and yoga help keep you mindful. You might also create a mindfulness journal to write and your current thoughts and feelings at this moment.

  1. Do Something for Somebody

Make a habit of doing something nice for somebody else. It does not matter who you help as long as you help somebody. Feed them good food, help with chores, or lend them your ear.

Prosocial behavior builds self-efficacy and makes people feel happier in general. So even though you do it for them, you do it for you too.

  1. Sleep Well

According to research, most adults need an extra 60-90 minutes of sleep each night. Lack of sleep does not only make you feel grumpy for the day, it builds up to severely impact the quality of your life.

Make your nighttime rest a priority. If you struggle to fall asleep, try keeping the room dark, using ambient noise, and drinking hot tea with lemon balm, lavender, or chamomile before bed.

Be Happy With Life

The key to your happiness is you. Simply choose to be happy with life and do the simple things that help bring contentment.

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Ways to Encourage People to Change Without Being Offensive

Asking a person to change could be challenging. Some people find it difficult to change their behavior, especially if they’ve been doing it for several years. Despite that, you still have to convince these people to do the right thing. For instance, if you want more people to care about the environment, you have to convince them to help. You can start by changing yourself at home. You can work with Clearwater junk haulers for trash disposal. If you show that you’re capable of doing it, you can convince more people to change. You won’t look hypocritical for saying one thing and doing another. If you still want to be cautious with how you entice people to change, these are the things you have to do.

Use a soothing voice 

Everything starts with a soothing voice. You can’t tell people what to do and be authoritative. Even if you have the power to do so, coercing people to change isn’t the right path. If you force them to take steps against their will, they will probably revolt. It could take longer to convince them to change. Using a softer voice can be of huge help. The other person will listen to you and even change quickly as a result of your encouraging tone.

Show the consequences of the actions

You can also present reality and explain how these changes in behavior can lead to positive results. Try to be more concrete since it’s easier for people to relate to them. For instance, if you want people to take steps to help the environment, you should explain the consequences of not doing so. Talk about how it’s already getting late to save the environment. If we continue to act as if nothing is happening, it could have larger repercussions.

Suspend judgment of character

When you ask people to change, you have to be careful not to sound judgmental. You can’t expect people to change if you already judged them to be bad people. The reason why you want to convince them is that you believe that they are capable of change. Be more encouraging instead of telling people that they are bad and they need to change.

Don’t set a deadline

People change depending on their ability to do it. Don’t tell them that they only have a few days or weeks to change. It doesn’t matter if you’re convincing them to change for an urgent matter. People are mature enough to make decisions for themselves. Forcing them by giving a timeline will only be counterproductive.

Don’t threaten the person

The worst thing that you can do is to threaten the person who declines to change. It doesn’t matter if you know the person on a deeper level or you’re speaking with a family member. Threats don’t work. They will only help make matters worse.

Give people sufficient time to reflect on their actions and eventually change. If they follow your advice, you have to be grateful for it. Otherwise, you have to continue doing what’s best for the cause you care about.

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