FAST Speed Test App

The internet has been used widely ever since its invention and development. The internet is necessary to perform many of our tasks and even our daily cores. For example, many of the apps running on your device requires internet in order to function. Without the internet studying online, having virtual, office meetings, reading on the net, using social media, internet shopping, online banking, none of these would work or even function properly.

Therefore, the internet is mandatory in many households nowadays. Due to this, many service providers have offered different technologies for their users. ranging from 2G, 3G, 4G, and even 5G in development. However, facing problems and issues on the internet is something we have all come across. It could be indeed frustrating to use a slow connection and when your apps take ages to load, you would probably lose all the motivation that is left. However, there is also methods to test if your connection issues lie with you or your service provider. The FAST Speed Test app will indeed do the job for you.

About Fast Speed Test App

A fast and simple approach to assess how well your internet service is working is to run a speed test. Performing a speed test is the easiest method to determine whether something is missing on your end or if your internet provider is to blame in case you feel like your internet is slower than it should be. This is the best method in order to keep all of your functions and tasks on track.

You can also test and compare the performance of multiple service providers in case you want to make a choice between many and device on who performs the best. This way, you can make sure you are using the fastest and most reliable internet that is available for you. Just use app to check the speed of your online connection from anywhere you are in the globe, whether it is mobile or broadband. It is devoid of ads and has a simple, quick-to-understand design. You can now simply login to the app and check your internet speed and decide for yourself!

With the app by your side, you no longer have to wonder if your connection has issues or if the other party while being on video call has issues. Simply check the performance of your network and come to a conclusion!

The app will indeed help you to understand clearly about your internet connection and also device if you want to continue with your service provider or if it’s time to make a change. The internet speed is extremely important in the modern world as many of our daily activities no matter what they are, require a fast and steady internet connection. With the FAST Speed Test installed on your very own device, you can simply check for its speed in just a few taps. You can also take necessary steps in order to rectify if there is any issue with the speed.

You can check your internet speed and make it fast with this app. What to do if your phone is slow. You can use one click speed booster application like Clean Master, NOX Cleaner apk, AVG Cleaner, Phone Master or CCleaner. You can download Clean Master apk directly from AC Market app store or HappyMod. All other alternatives are available on Google play store and Amazon App Store.

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How to Choose the Best Cryptocurrency App

In an era of digital currency, the best cryptocurrency app will depend on your personal goals and level of expertise. Some users want a long-term platform while others are looking for a no-frills experience. Here are some features to look for in a cryptocurrency app. First of all, the app should offer real-time data. Cryptocurrency prices can jump by 25% even while you’re sleeping. Another factor to consider is security. Cryptocurrency apps should be encrypted at the back end.

A good app should have real-time pricing data, including Bitcoin prices. If you’re trying to profit from short-term movements in cryptocurrency, delayed data feeds can hinder your trading. This is why the best cryptocurrency app are ones that provide real-time currency pricing feeds and portfolio views. Not all apps are compatible with all phones, so be sure to check the system requirements of your phone. If you want to avoid these problems, consider using other cryptocurrency apps.

Another useful cryptocurrency app is Blockfolio. This free app lets you track your portfolio of over 7,000 cryptocurrencies. It also supports MetaMask and other external crypto exchanges. It also supports multiple portfolios and lets you sync your data across multiple devices. As well as displaying real-time data, this app also features news aggregation and alerts. For users who want a simple, user-friendly app, Blockfolio is an excellent choice.

The Blockchain app can be used as a wallet and includes a built-in Bitcoin savings account with an interest rate up to 12 percent. The Blockchain app also offers crypto credit lines, where Bitcoin serves as collateral. It is available for both Android and iOS. A reliable communication channel is essential for the growing cryptocurrency investing community. The blockchain app, as with other popular messaging apps, can offer a reliable means of communication. Several blockchain exchanges offer their own cryptocurrency apps. These apps can be connected to bank accounts and credit cards, and have a number of trading features. In addition, some of the cryptocurrency wallets have developed mobile applications for their own trading purposes.

A cryptocurrency app that offers both trading features is eToro. This app can be used by investors without prior experience. It’s optimized for both Android and iOS devices and supports other asset classes. You can use eToro to invest in a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies managed by eToro’s team. Users love the simplicity of the eToro app, and it’s the most popular cryptocurrency app.

The Coinbase app is another option for beginners. It is a mobile cryptocurrency wallet that helps you buy and sell various cryptocurrencies. This app is free and supports a variety of cryptocurrencies. You can also earn rewards for certain coins. This app also supports hardware wallets, so you can use it to store your cryptocurrencies. There are many other cryptocurrency wallets available, so you can choose from amongst them. Once you’ve decided on the best one, the process will be easier for you.

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Band 5? It deserves!

Band 5 is the fourth HONOR wearable product that the author has tested. Only Band 5 has oxygen saturation function in the world. The author has a new experience after using it for several days.

  1. Tone:

Black is a common and popular color. It matches in today’s smart band market. I think, this is because of the low-key and stable nature of black. Also, this relates to its consumers. According to relevant survey data, the consumer age of smart bands is 26-40 years old. Meanwhile, the proportion of men is much higher than that of women. So, it is conceivable that black is the most popular color matching in bands.

  1. Weight:

The first feeling Band 5 gives the user is that it is light. The weight of HONOR band is 22.7 g. This is a very good level. Such weight on your hands will not affect your life at all. When you don’t use it, you won’t feel its existence. This band will give you unknow help. Isn’t it good?

  1. AMOLED Super Clear Color Screen

In addition to its weight, Band 5 has one of its biggest highlights. That is the 0.95-inch AMOLED color screen. AMOLED screen has better display effect and fineness during the day than ordinary LCD and black-and-white screens.

Imagine it. You are taking a band to go to work, and the bus is late. You want to see how long it will be late. Then, you raise your wrist. However, the sun is obliquely on the band. As a result, all you can see is the black watchband. So, you have to take out your cell phone again to check the time. The AMOLED screen will not have this embarrassing situation. Because it has a brand-new way of emitting light from LCD.

Viewed from near, Band 5 has a small circle under its screen. This is the HOME key. It has the same function as the home key of the previous mobile phone. Press this key, and you can return to the display time page.

  1. Considerate Charging Method

At last, I have to say that Band 5 has a practical and considerate function. That is, its charging does not need to remove the watchband. Like a mobile phone, you can charge it by plugging in the charger. This function is comfortable for consumers.

As consumers, what we are pursuing is convenience, quickness and intelligence. Band 5 has realized such functions. It gives people a beautiful experience. Also, it makes people fondle admiringly. Of course, in addition to its own functional advantages, Band 5 price is an eye-catching point. Compared with smart bands with the same performance, the price of Band 5 is competitive.

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These Are the Most Common Phone Problems

If your phone starts malfunctioning, you no doubt want to throw it away and buy a new one! But before you do, you might want to fix the issue. Often, these phone issues are common and can get fixed without any issue.

So what are the common phone problems and how can you fix them?

Regardless of the type of phone you own, these are the phone problems that you are likely to come across:

  1. Slow Response

If you’ve owned your phone for a while, you can expect it to function slowly at times. This can lead to apps taking time to load. It can slow down internet searches. It can also slow down sending messages or having poor connections when making calls.

Most of the time, these issues occur when your internet is slow. Try to clear the cache on your mobile browser. You can also consider switching between Data and Wi-Fi to see which works better. You can also use your hotspot or invest in another device for connecting to the internet.

  1. Wet Phone

If your phone got wet you are likely concerned when you see it malfunctioning. Even a few raindrops can have negative effects as dropping your phone in the pool would have.

In this case, you should turn off your phone immediately. Then, use a dry cloth to wipe off the water and absorb the moisture. You should then take it to a repair shop to see if you can recover your data or reset your phone.

If you’ve run into this issue a few times, you might want to consider buying a waterproof phone. You can check out this Fruit Fixed article to learn about your options.

  1. Constant Overheating

If your phone overheats on a regular basis, there are many different ways to alleviate this problem.

You want to make sure you keep your phone away from the sun and natural light as much as possible. The only exception should be if you charge via solar or artificial light.

You also want to find the right phone case for your smartphone. A case not only protects your phone from damage but can also help cool it down.

When you charge your phone, make sure you stop charging as soon as it reaches 100% Do not charge your phone overnight as this will lead to overheating. It’s also wise to keep your phone off for extended periods. While you are asleep, your phone should be turned off.

  1. Constant Crashing

If your phone always crashes, you might think it’s time to replace it. However, before you do you should try to reset it first.

Backup all your data and then delete everything from your phone. Reset your phone to see if it functions. If it still is slow and crashes often, then you can connect it to your computer to restore the factory settings.

This is the last resort, and if it doesn’t work you should take it in for repair or buy a new phone.

Fix These Phone Problems

Now that you know the most common phone problems and how to fix them, you won’t stress about your phone again! Make sure to always try to fix your phone first before taking it for repair or replacing it.

You can read more great tips on gadgets and technology on our website.

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5 Data Privacy Trends to Watch in 2021

Are you concerned about the growing trend of data collection from companies? You aren’t alone.

An estimated 79% of people say they are concerned about the way that companies handle their data. Whether you’re a consumer thinking about signing up for a website or a company collecting information, this is a problem you’ll need to deal with in the future.

If you’re wondering how the world of online privacy will change in 2021, this post will help. Below are five data privacy trends that are worth paying attention to in 2021.

  1. More Regulations

It seems like we hear about a new data leak every month these days. It doesn’t matter if your company is small or large. If you don’t put in place online security, you’ll put your customer’s data at risk.

The problem now is that consumers are aware of what’s going on and are demanding something be done to protect their data. Expect governments around the world to listen and enact new data protection laws in the coming year.

  1. Third-Party Support

You used to be able to handle privacy concerns in-house. The data regulation policies weren’t complicated, so there wasn’t much work in putting together your security protocol. With the added regulations with the GDPR and future digital laws, that’s going to change.

With an expanding set of rules, expect more privacy-related companies to step up to help. Many organizations will begin relying on these companies to help stay compliant with the regulations.

  1. Data Transparency

Companies collect a lot of data these days. Social media websites rely on this information to build advertising platforms to make money. The problem is that a lot of the data collection process is unwanted.

Because of the rising concern of social media privacy, expect companies to start being more transparent with the data they collect. You’ll be able to see what information a company stores about you and how it’s used.

  1. Security Automation

With the added demands of data security today, there’s more need than ever for security specialists. The problem is that there’s more demand than there are workers.

To solve this problem, security companies will begin creating automation and AI systems to take care of the work. Expect 2021 to see more software programs that take care of privacy concerns.

  1. Data Removal Policies

Are you one of those people who isn’t sure that a company deletes all your data after your close your account? The good news is that in 2021, that might not be as much of a concern.

Several large companies have already begun providing a means for consumers to delete all data that was collected about them. Expect this trend to continue until this feature is commonplace.

Data Privacy Trends Are Worth Paying Attention To

It can be overwhelming to look at all the new information coming out about data and online privacy. Every year brings countless new changes, so it’s tough to keep up with everything. Make sure you do your part to pay attention to data privacy trends, so you’re prepared for what’s coming in the future.

Do you want to learn more about what future tech will bring? Read our latest technology posts to find out more.

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  10 Great Mac Shortcuts You Need to Learn

Do you own an Apple computer? Whether you’ve been a fan for years, or are a recent convert from PC to Mac, you’ll know these computers and laptops are amazing.

Switching from windows to mac is a big step and one which can leave you needing to re-learn keyboard shortcuts since there are some slight, and some big difference between the two operating systems.

Even the most experienced Apple users might be surprised by some of the Mac shortcuts on this list – read on to see how many you didn’t know!

  1. The Well-Known PC Shortcuts

We’ll start with shortcuts that everyone should know. The first thing you might notice about the Mac is that there is a button labeled “Cmd” – this is the command button and also has the symbol “⌘”.

If you’re more familiar with a PC keyboard, this button will do the job that control (Ctrl) does.

On PC you’d use Ctrl+C for copy, Ctrl+X for cut, and Ctrl+V for paste. On the Mac,  replace Ctrl for Cmd!

The other shortcut that everyone knows from pc is Control-Alt-Delete. Check out how to Control-Alt-Delete on mac.

  1. Find Word Definitions

The rest of this list will give you some clever shortcuts that you probably didn’t know existed. The first of these is the ability to find the definition for a word.

Highlight the word or double-click on it, then press Cmd + Ctrl + D. A dialogue box will pop up and give you the definition.

  1. Take a Screenshot

If you need to capture the whole screen of your Mac, the shortcut is Cmd + Shift + 3.

But there’s an even more intuitive option. Perhaps you want to screenshot a block of text from a website but you don’t want to capture the surrounding advertisements or pictures.

In this case, press Cmd + Shift + 4. The cursor will change, allowing you to click and drag the area you want to capture. The image will automatically be saved.

  1. Minimize All Screens

There is another small difference on the keyboard itself that it is important to know about when using shortcuts.

The alt key is also shown as the “Option” key on some Mac keyboards. This may also have a ⌥ symbol instead of the word “option”.

One use of the Option key is in a shortcut to minimize all screens. If you have too many open and don’t want to have to click through them all, press Cmd + Option + M.

  1. Intricate Volume Adjustments

This is one that even most Mac-lovers probably won’t know, but it can come in useful!

For those who sometimes get frustrated that one volume level is too high, but the next one is too low, there is a solution! Hold down Option + Shift before you adjust the volume.

This allows you to adjust the volume more specifically and is just one of many small features that make a Mac a very personalizable operating system.

  1. Quick-Scroll to the Top or Bottom of a Page

If you come across a website with a lot of text to scroll through or are working on a spreadsheet and need to quickly scroll to the very top or bottom, there is a keyboard shortcut to do just this.

While swiping the trackpad on a laptop or using a roller on a mouse can be quick, pressing Cmd + Up or Down will instantly scroll you to the top or bottom of whatever you’re working on.

  1. Use the Address Bar

If you’re used to using keyboard shortcuts for almost anything on a PC, you may hardly ever use a mouse. Using the above method to scroll to the top of a page, it’s also possible to use a shortcut to access the address bar so that you don’t have to click, or press Tab until you find it!

As above, press Cmd + Up but then also press the L key. This will scroll you to the top of the page and also highlight the address bar on your browser. From here, you can delete the text or start typing.

  1. Write an Email

If you’re the type of person who is always emailing back and forth for work, or you email friends, this keyboard shortcut could come in very handy.

Rather than having to navigate to an email app, or opening a new window/tab and going to your email website, you can press Shift + Cmd + I.

This will open an email instantly and is a great time-saving shortcut. Another great aspect of this feature is if you use the shortcut from a website, the email will automatically populate with the link. It will also put the website heading as the subject.

  1. Cycle Through Applications

Do you use several apps at once? For people who need to switch between programs, it can be a tiresome exercise to go back and forth between the mouse.

Holding Cmd + Shift, and pressing Tab will cycle through any applications you have open. Once you’re used to this shortcut it will allow you to rapidly switch between applications which will improve your efficiency.

  1. Fast Shut-Down Your Mac

This is a handy shortcut, but it’s important to make sure you save your work before using it. This shortcut allows you to shut down your computer when you’re in a hurry, without having to make sure applications are closed or navigating menus to shut down.

To shut down your Mac, press Ctrl + Option + Command + Power Button – thankfully this is a sequence that is almost impossible to do by accident but make sure you are certain you want to shut your Mac down!

Many More Mac Shortcuts

This list was 10 of the best Mac shortcuts, but there are dozens more to discover. If you’ve recently made the switch from PC to Mac, the shortcuts in this blog will help you feel at home with the new operating system.

And if you have been a Mac user for a long time, there may be some new shortcuts that you didn’t know about!

If you enjoyed this blog and found it useful, why not check out some other articles for advice and information on a huge range of topics.




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Using Perfect Money for Web Hosting

Web hosting can be paid by using Perfect Money. Perfect Money is one of the leading financial services that lets its users make payments that are instant and to make money transfers that are secure over the internet opening unique prospects for Internet users and owners of businesses on the web. 


The benefits of using Perfect Money hosting include:

  • Send money free
  • Worldwide acceptance
  • Easy in signing up
  • Payments are instant
  • Activation is instant
  • Payments are anonymous
  • Secure payments
  • No hidden or extra charges

Stops identity theft

Identity theft on the internet is a large problem but one of the most effective ways to protect your identity is to keep private your financial information. Perfect Money enables you to pay with no sharing of your financial data with sellers. This is considered the safest way to buy hosting or any other product online. 

Unauthorized payments

Perfect Money also offers 100 percent protection against any unauthorized payments coming from your account. This is one reason that it is popular as a hosting payment system.

Fund Deposits

There are many ways to deposit funds into your Perfect Money accounts. They include:

  • Bank wire – by sending bank wire (SWFIT/IBAN) from your online banking account directly to your Perfect Money account.
  • Certified exchange partners – Perfect Money e-currency can be purchased with other e-currencies, Western Union, Money Gram or only for cash.
  • Cash terminals – Make a deposit at the payment terminal near you. Funds immediately are credited to your account.
  • Perfect Money prepaid card/e-Voucher can be purchased with a variety of online exchange services or auctions.
  • E-currency – fund can be deposited via e-currency transfer from accounts in any electronic payment system with all deposits being instantaneous.
  • Instant deposit via SMS – Send SMS from cell phone and receive money instantly in your Perfect Money account. 
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5 Facts Why Your Business Should Outsource Customer Support

These days, with the advancement in digital technology and changes in customer behavior and expectations, customer service has become a specific task and niche area, which needs specialized tools, technologies, and training. This is why businesses have started outsourcing their customer services, which also helps them to minimize using internal resources and to reduce costs. But the in-house customer support team has some issues sometimes due to different reasons. This is the high time when you should think differently and hire an outsource client support agency.

If you are still not convinced, then here are 5 facts why businesses must outsource customer support.

  1. Outsourcing customer support delivers better service: According to experts, only those employees can deliver great customer services, who deeply care for the companies and the customers. But the best thing about outsourced customer services 31West is that they offer even better services to valued customers. The main reason behind it is that third-party outsourcing service providers train the staff members in the most updated techniques and technology and they have comparatively larger teams.
  2. Outsourcing customer support can help to develop your brand: Even though outsourcing customer service providers offer great service for the customers, often business owners don’t believe in them. Besides, often business owners think that outsourcing customer support will dilute the brands. But in reality, the third-party customer support providers work closely with companies to develop the brand identity into every customer interaction.
  3. Outsourcing customer support is a cost-saving process: Cost-saving is one of the major factors for which people choose to outsource customer service. Apart from cost-saving, outsourcing customer support also ensures getting better service. All one has to do is to choose the right service provider without focusing only on the cost.
  1. Outsourcing customer support can make your business flexible: Often people think that outsourcing the customer support of their businesses would make these less flexible. And the third-party service providers would not be able to keep paces when their services will be expanded. But this is not the right thing. A good third-party customer service provider will help you to keep up with the demands that your business has no matter how much it changes or grows. So, when your business will expand, the outsourcing service provider will also grow with you to keep your clients happy.
  2. Outsourcing customer support offers better infrastructure: When it comes to setting up in-house customer support service, one need to pay a lot of money for the infrastructure. Due to this reason, most companies keep on using outdated technologies. But over time, this can harm the businesses. Outsourcing customer support is beneficial in this case as here you can get access to the latest technologies without the requirement of costly upgrades.
  3. Outsourcing customer support can help you to get skilled agents: Professional third-party customer service providers include dedicated team members, who are well known for offering great customer service that can give your business a competitive edge. In most of the cases, these professionals also have high skills across different technologies and industries. As a result, business owners achieve unmatched proficiency and superior quality in client servicing.
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Avail the Ultimate Process of Technology Addiction Treatment

Technology addiction is ordinarily portrayed by a degree of technology utilize that weakens connections; achieves family, work, or relational troubles; and effects every day work negatively. At the point when somebody is addicted to liquor or medications, restraint is commonly a necessity to accomplish and look after moderation. 

  • A certified specialist or another psychological well-being expert can frequently help those looking for treatment address and resolve this worry. 
  • Addiction to technology is vastly different, and the health professional calls attention to that.
  • Moreover, if your tech addiction is expedited by nervousness as well as discouragement or your addiction has brought about having these sorts of emotions, in some cases, double analysis treatment will give the best outcomes. 
  • The genuine reason for Technology addiction isn’t known, however, potential variables are shifted. 

Various Processes Involved:

A few analysts have contrasted it with different conditions including addiction. That is the reason treatment by and large focuses on following different procedures to control its utilization.  The individuals who experience Technology addiction may come across a high when utilizing their PCs that are like the high the individuals who shop enthusiastically experience when making a buy. 

  • This incorporates setting limits in regards to the measure of time spent on the web, never again utilizing applications that are hard to invest time away from, and making an entirely different calendar to upset your technology-use designs. 
  • A genetic segment may likewise make it almost certain that some who utilize the technology in a tricky manner will become addicted to it. 
  • Technology Addiction Treatment is another choice that can give constructive outcomes. 
  • Social variables may likewise assume a job, as an individual may go to computer-generated reality increasingly more regularly to escape negative circumstances in regular day to day existence. 
  • This empowers you to manage any issues to more readily promote your prosperity.


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A guide to cropping and saturation technique of photo editing

Photo editing helps you to make your pictures stand out from others. Editing is an act that takes place once the picture is clicked. Hence, it is also known as after processing of photography. You can edit images with the help of editing software that is available. There are different range of editing software that offer distinct editing features. The use of software makes it is to edit pictures without any apprehension. Know more about editing by visiting this link

What is cropping in photo editing?

Cropping is a technique of editing pictures. It is used for removing unwanted elements from the image. Removal of unwanted elements helps to bring the subject in the limelight. It is one of the fast way improving your pictures. It is also used for changing the composition of the picture. Distracting items make your picture less attractive and divert the attention of the viewer. Cropping removes the distraction from the picture. You can crop a picture as a square, in a dimension of 6*5 or to original dimension of the picture. It is to be noted that while cropping you do not make the picture too small for the viewer.

What is saturation in photo editing?

Saturation is a technique that is used for fixing the color of the pictures that appear pale because of the light. The photo appears washed out and loses its appealing power. Saturation helps you to deepen the color of the image to make them more vibrant and appealing. You can use saturation for both indoor and outdoor photography. The aim is to bring the photo to its original color. You can adjust the saturation level according to your needs. Saturation fixes the colour of washed out and pale pictures with ease.

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