Know the importance of the writing of Texas female authors


The category of writing of women has been described by the publishers as something special. The writing by women is in fact very interesting and in fact a new arena of literary work.

Narrative of Texas women

The impact that the texas female authors have shown in the literary work is hugely appreciated. The authors trace the effect of women in the history of the state of Texas. This has been going on through prehistoric times and is seen even in the present.

  • The narration of the books that are based on women’s history is based on the simple fact about the role of the women in the past. The authors felt that it has to be intrinsically known to the people all over the world.
  • The women authors depict the stories of women from numerous perspectives and also varied opinion. They also have related the lives of the women in the past. This is relation to the effects of religion, castes as well as political ideology and sexually.
  • The writing of the Texas women authors vary widely with the others in respect to theme, voice and setting. TheTexasfemale authorsare now heading towards a new beginning, irrespective of novels, dramas or poems.

A survey has been carried out to see the changes that took place among the writers. Theyhave now taken particular challenges that have shaped their work. This is a section that has been researched about the writers in Texas and has found that there are many contributions in the literary world. The scholar writers have contributed greatly through their writing to the state.

The main intention is to introduce more readers in this vibrant literary tradition. The books that are written areunique to the tradition and experience of Texas. A most comprehensive bibliography has been created to dedicate it to Texas women.

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The Advantages of Cloud Computing that Shouldn’t Be Ignored


Do you know that cloud computing has already been around for more than 20 years? A lot of people are surprised about this because companies and other people just adapted to this recently. There are a lot of advantages that this is known to offer but not everyone is aware of these advantages. You may have heard about data science training but how much do you know about this? Now is the time for you to gain more details about this. Do you know that there are still a lot of businesses that are still shying away from this technology? You may change your mind about this when you check this.

There are also some people who would rather invest in other things but some people are saying that perhaps, this is one of the biggest investments that you can do for your business now. You should learn more about this now. If other businesses have already updated to this, there are probably so many reasons why you should consider updating too. There are also details about this when you check Google Maps.

One of the most obvious advantages that people noticed is the change in their security. The data that they are sharing to other people have become more secure. Businesses also find it easier to complete the compliance requirements of the government. Do remember that if you are unable to comply to what the government requires, you will not be able to operate your business online. Just imagine the number of customers that you will not get because of this setback. If you want to reach a new target market or if you need your business to become more accessible, cloud computing will definitely make a huge difference.

It is obvious that some businesses would need the latest tools and machines in order to make their business work. There is a big chance that you have considered doing this but you also know that this can be very expensive. What are you supposed to do then? The best option is to switch to cloud solutions. This will make sure that you will keep up with the latest technology without worrying that you are bulking up your computer storage. This is usually the problem of people who have a lot of files and data in their hard drive. They know that the time will come when they will not have enough space. This is not something that you have to worry about when you have SAAS for E-business suite.

You also cannot ignore the fact that having cloud solutions can make your business more flexible than usual. There are so many responsibilities that you have to track and you can now track all of them when you have the right ERP applications. There is no need to contact different people anymore just to see if all of your departments have submitted their reports and so much more. Remember that by having this, you can improve your business that in turn, will also help you focus on things to satisfy your target customers.

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The Advantages of Using Anti-Virus Program


Undoubtedly, internet has revolutionised the world to a great extent to sort out the business environment and social environment. However, your lives turn into havoc when your access to internet is infected by a virus which interfered with the operation of your PC, either on a temporary or permanent basis.

So, what can you do to secure your PC from such type of malicious attacks? The best solution is to make sure that the device you use whether it is Mac, PC or tablet is secured by an antivirus program. But, when you are going to choose an antivirus program, remember there is no shortage of options out there. Every software has its own sets of pros and cons which you need to determine and then choose depending on your personal preference.

The programs clear the virus and work almost in a same manner. The software scans the files on your computer and search for the patterns or trends which may suggest the existence of a viral infection. To some extent, an antivirus software looks out to determine the data that the virus has extrapolated that was successfully discovered in the past. It means that it is important to make sure that your antivirus software is regularly being updated so that it can combat new, old, seen and unseen viral infections.

Antivirus software have the potential to run a scan on your device automatically so that you don’t need to intervene in the program operations. All you need to do is download the software, install it and it will perform the required checks to make sure that operations run worry-free on your PC or Mac.

If a software detects a malicious code which is trying to attack your PC, then it will instantly block the attack and then report the info directly to you. Some programs also first inform that a virus has been detected and that it might be harmful for your device and ask you whether you want to clear the virus from the PC or not.

So, if you are planning to purchase an anti-virus software to secure your PC, then which one should you go for? With everything being said above, all the anti-virus software operates basically in one manner. If you are unsure about which one should you choose, then you should check out the comparison and information data about each online. You can also see recommendations from your friends, relatives and colleagues. You can also check out forums, reviews and suggestions being made online. Buy it as per your need and preference.

What’s important is that the antivirus installed should clear the virus [ล้างไวรัส, which is the term in Thai] and offer high degree of protection. However, remember every program has its own limitation and you should consider that also before buying one but that doesn’t mean that you should not guard your PC from any suspicious activity which you may encounter while browsing the internet. Go ahead and get a reliable and recently launched antivirus programme from Panda Thailand at the best rates.

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Important Steps While Choosing a Website Name


This entire article is about choosing a domain name (aka the name of the site).

This is where you really need to get started when you create a new website

You can skip this step and do it later, but please understand the following: You cannot have a live site without a name. A designer may perhaps start. You can decide the content of the page and much more.

But without a name, or, more precisely, a domain name, you cannot put the website on the web. It cannot continue to live.

That’s why I put this in the beginning.

So how do you choose a domain name?

Understanding the types of domain names is the first step in creating a website and choosing a name, so let’s start there. Because, first of all, it is important to know what the different domain name options are and whether you should use them.

Dot Com domain names

First of all, if you are a business in the United States or are planning to do business in the world – you need a .com name.

This is the most common and also the most difficult to find domain name.

Because? Like most good ones are taken. But it was worth it because most people assume it ends in .com your website. So without it, people do not always find your site or worse yet, they may stumble accidentally into the wrong website or their competitors!

It is not the end of the world to have another type of domain name. So let’s take a look at some of the other options.

Dot Org or Dot Net domain names

If you want another choice, .net or .org are another option. For example, let’s say you want, but it’s not available. You could go with But you need to understand the original intent of these names. NET has been assigned to the company’s .org network was aimed at non-profit organizations.

There are many other options such as (biz, gov, edu, mil), but most of them are neither not available to the public nor not really applicable. Just go to website for domain name registration.

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Capture the world from a different perspective


Every photographer wants to click better pictures. However, there are very few photographs that appear to be astonishing to the viewers. The one key thing that all veteran photographers have in common is to see the world in different ways.

Your lens could do better than the eyes

Everybody is tired of seeing things through the level of their eyes. Have you ever seen a photograph which was a low angle shot? If yes, then you must have felt something different about that picture. It gives you a feeling that you are looking at the world from someone else’s eyes, most probably an insect or an animal. This is one of the ingredients of a good photograph, taking pictures from a different angle. If you are shooting portraits, then the camera has to be at the eye level of that person.

However, you can still be creative. Try to implement stuff like bushes, the bark of a tree, etc. in front of the lens to fill the foreground portion slightly. This will create depth in the photograph. You can also use your surroundings as a backdrop. Find an interesting wall, maybe, and use it as a backdrop. Even portraits taken as low angle shot, with a large focal length makes an excellent picture. Use the sky as a backdrop in such cases. Keep experimenting. Also try Rembrandt lighting for portrait photography.

Learn some basic rules of composition:

When it comes to any art form, there are several rules which can be followed to make the shot even better. However, an artist is not limited by the rules. You can experiment in your own way, too. But having the knowledge of key compositing rules will help you to frame your subject in a better way. These rules include the rule of thirds, cropping, etc. It is not necessary to follow all of these to capture an excellent picture. The experiment is keeping these rules in mind, and see what you achieve. Try shooting with different white balances to create a mood in the picture.

For becoming an expert editor, you should also know about flipping image in a photoshop. You can visit the page by clicking on the link

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4 things every rideshare driver must know


Becoming your own boss and ditching the 9-to-5 life is a dream come true for many. Driving rideshare vehicles allows you to set your own working schedule in the comforts of your own car.

It’s no surprise that rideshare companies like WeDrive, Uber and Lyft have attracted thousands of drivers looking for that lifestyle.

For those considering starting a career as a rideshare driver, the team at WeDrive has come up with four things you should know:

  1. It’s a good idea to know the streets: Sometimes when a passenger hops into the car, they’ll ask for you to go a specific route or to avoid tolls. While the GPS feature on your phone can help you get from A to B, it can’t hurt to be familiar with the major streets around you.
  2. Remember ratings matter: It’s like how the saying goes “the customer is always right”. Ridesharing is all about providing good service to customers. As a rideshare driver, you also need to display great driving habits and skills. Usually you’ll be rated out of five stars by the passenger and you should never dip below 4.5. Raising your rating can be done by making sure your car is clean, giving control of the temperature, windows and music to the customer and being polite.
  3. The passengers make the job worth it: Many drivers say the best part of the job is meeting new people. When a new person hops into your car, they will always have a unique story to share. And remember, if you do experience a difficult passenger, you can rate them as well.
  4. Always be prepared: If you’re a rideshare driver, expect the unexpected. That could mean flat tyres, a dead battery or other mechanical issues. Always have a spare tyre on hand and a basic tool kit, including jumper cables. Make sure you have roadside assistance so you can get on your way again as quickly as possible, should you break down – and book your car in for regular maintenance.
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Importance of Backup and Data Recovery in Case of Data Loss


The backup is highly valued by those who have lost information or been infected by some type of virus (malicious code) that encrypts files from your computer or server and completely blocks your access to it).

Let’s imagine the following scenario: 5 years of activities for all departments of your company. Installed and configured systems, database, customer registries, suppliers and general files where these activities required many efforts to keep complete and always up to date. One day the servers or computers suffer some kind of disaster, making it very difficult to reconfigure everything and start from scratch, and in some cases, it becomes unfeasible to start from scratch because of the effort of all the labor mentioned previously – are 5 years lost! In this simple case, the backup makes your IT staff keep your company data intact and secure, ensuring the reversal of the disaster you have suffered in your IT environment.

In case, you have not backup at all or backup of some months, you must try to hire professional data Recovery Company to get back your business data.

Why keep your backups up-to-date every day without knowing when the problem will happen?

Below, there are most common problems for us to think about together.

  • Technical problems: Operating system failures or physical failures;
  • Viruses: Attack programs or systems over the internet;
  • Human failure: Someone can accidentally delete files (this happens a lot);
  • Natural disasters: Fall of energy, peaks, rays among others;
  • Force majeure: Accidents, theft / loss;

These are the key variables we can consider to adopt an efficient backup system. Of course only backup is often not enough, you have to understand that Information Security goes beyond backup. But let’s stick in the backup that can already help every small and medium business.

Finally, Backup’s goal is to make secure data copies that will be used in a possible future restore.

So how do you set up efficient backups?

Take your notebook or notepad and let’s go there.

  • Make efforts to centralize data.
  • Hire a reliable backup tool, bet on tools that provide documentation.
  • Create daily rules! Run always at dawn, so you do not overload your network during production hours.
  • Create tasks to compress your backup files and encrypt.
  • Eliminate risk, invest in storage and make full backups.
  • Validate the permissions of the user responsible for executing the backup routine in each directory. Organize group-based access permissions, this simplifies management and maintenance.
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How to become a master of Microsoft Excel


Microsoft Excel is one of the top-ranking spreadsheet programs on the available today. It holds one of the top spots thanks to the extensive list of formulas and functions it can perform as well as the user-friendly nature of the program. Simple and advanced functions combine to create a powerhouse program that works for simple spreadsheets as well as advanced financial documents. There are a number of books and seminars that allow users to learn, or increase, their Microsoft Excel skill set.

Learning on Your Own

If you can learn by reading on your own, there are numerous books on the market that teach the basics of Microsoft Excel. A quick search of Amazon’s website indicated hundreds of books available for purchase. Some books follow the popular Dummies format, Excel 2016 All-in-One for Dummies, while others are more in line with a schoolbook, Microsoft Excel 2016 Step-by-Step. The early chapters are devoted to entry-level Excel formatting, teaching the user how to format cells and the simple functions used to balance a bank account or calculate grades. Those building blocks are essential to the more advanced uses, creating conditional formatting that changes the color of a cell that meets a certain criteria or creating a chart to add visual interest to a spreadsheet. Some books include online access to websites that provide an example spreadsheet to go along with the chapter.

Small Group Learning

If you are someone who needs to learn in a group setting, or you prefer to be able to ask questions to an instructor, There are many companies that offer business-centred courses in different levels of Microsoft Excel that might meet your needs. One day seminars start with the basics of Excel and take the learner through a variety of examples that can relate to different industries. A benefit to taking a course with a Microsoft training company is learner can skip the basic levels, if necessary, and move on the either intermediate or advanced levels or even cater the course to a specific industry.

Hiring a Consultant

If you decide that neither learning on your own nor taking a course is right for you, hiring an Excel consultant is a viable option. Excel consultants work with small to medium-sized businesses and provide expert advice when needed. To find an Excel consultant, seek recommendations from other business owners or networking groups.

The Power of Excel

Microsoft Excel has a variety of uses. Simple functions add columns or rows together to calculate total number of products in inventory or sold as well as the value of each. Excel can maintain a directory of customers on one sheet that shows the account totals that are added from other sheets or workbooks. Every industry can benefit from an experienced Excel user.

Whether you decide to study on your own or take a course with others, a key element to becoming a Master of Microsoft Excel is to use the program as much as possible. Only when you use the program frequently will you start to learn the value of the various formulas and functions.

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Reasons to avoid the latest Windows 10 update


If you’re conscientious about keeping you PC or laptop up to speed with the most current patches and security, you probably do not think twice about updating as soon as Windows rolls out its latest upgrade. This is generally considered best practices by most computer owners. However, you might want to hold off on this latest update. Tech experts say that that there are a few bugs and kinks to worked out; in fact, some of these could leave your computer in somewhat worse shape than it was in before the update. Whatever you decide to do ensure you backup your files and have a full data recovery plan. Consider contacting your local PC repair specialist to ask for their advice if you run into large scale problems.

Remote Desktop Protocol

The recent Windows 10 patch causes the following error message to flash: “This could be due to CredSSP encryption oracle remediation.” This indicates a possible conflict or mismatch between the previous and current patches. In turn, the conflict is due to the user’s servers not being successfully updated with the new patches. Simply patching the servers should solve this issue.

1803 Bricks

A far larger issue involved the 1803 patch update. It caused bricking in any computer with an Intel SSD6 drive. While several improvements have been made to make 1803 more computer-friendly, it still has its issues and hangups. These include instances of peripheral lockups, particularly those connected to Surface Studio, as well as causing laptop batteries to drain faster post 1803 installation.A suggested aversion to this is to have Windows Update installed, set your device’s connection to metered, and to revert back to the Windows 1709 update if this problem arises.

BSOD-Blank Screen of Death

A number of Windows 10 users have reported that during the “Restart and install”, they find themselves seeing a blank, icon-less desktop. This is then followed by an error message stating that the Desktop file cannot be accessed. Targets of this glitch mostly consist of users with the Avast anti-virus installed, so it is recommended that they uninstall this program prior to installing the patch. Barring this preventative measure (for those already dealing with this issue), the only known reliable remedy is for the user to completely reinstall Windows 10 from scratch, although there is some reported success of simply rolling back to a point before the update for some users.

There is a laundry list of 1803 related issues, bugs, and glitches, but these are the top 3 among users who have installed this patch. Avoiding installation seems to be the best course of action.

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Top News Blogs


What do you do when you do not have anything interesting to read? To kill the boredom, you find out several ways. One interesting way to kill boredom is to read interesting blogs. Blogs not only update us on current affairs on daily basis but also there are certain blogs which have interesting contents to make one’s life easy. This is one interesting way to pass time. But, the internet is filled with a variety of different blogs and sometimes it can be a little confusing as to which one to choose. There could be some which do not really interest the reader. There are also some blogs where the contents are totally biased based on the viewpoints of only one person. Those one-sided blogs are not usually good to follow as it does not allow the reader to develop their own perspective. Certain blogs turn out to be extremely interesting and worth reading. Usually such blogs are very active and also very popular. Going through a mesh of numerous blogs, the selected pieces are popular for its content and are recommended by the readers worldwide. From these blogs, you can choose any to have a nice time.

Here, we have listed out some of the most active news blogs such as the

  1. Pharyngula:

It is a science blog which covers many topics related to science and technology. It covers many articles related to the readers’ interest as well as new discoveries and inventions in the field of science and technology. Launched in the year 2002, it has the spiked interest in many science and technology savvy as well as various science bloggers.

  1. Business Insider:

This is one blog that should be followed by those who find an interest in finance, stocks, industries and business. Henry Blodget started it in 2009 and the best part is that it caters towards a wide readership. It has editions for China, India, Germany, UK and many more. If the business world fascinates the reader then this is one blog that would provide up-to-date info. Accordingly this blog is highly popular and well read.

  1. Talking Points Memo:

Anything to do with politics and the latest news on foreign/administration policies – this is the blog to go to. It is basically a list in which certain points are discussed either in the form of a debate or in support. Since it was launched (the year of 2000) by Josh Marshall it has caught up a wide fan base. It has found a prominent place on the social media platform too.

  1. Crooks and Liars:

This is another blog which brings in up-to-date scenes in the political world. Ever since it was started in 2004 by John Amato, it has become quite popular and readers with a specific interest in politics also suggest this blog to others.

  1. The Raw Story:

It is known for posting contents on politics, economy and business for national and international issues. The blog is famous for publishing its own viewpoints and investigative pieces on a certain issue revolving around any political gossip.

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