Cosmetic Practice in Australia Is Being Done Better Than Other Parts of the World

Cosmetic practice is the fastest growing medical industry, but this medical specialty is deteriorating when it comes to proper regulation of these procedures. Plus, there are private practitioners who sell these services to simply make a profit – cosmetic surgeons often have little or no qualifications, little experience, using non-sterile instruments and have no insurance. The Medical Defense Union (MDU) insures around half of all surgeons and doctors, stated in 2012 that it has paid out millions in compensation to cosmetic surgery patients.

Current rules

Under current rules, physicians are able to operate in areas outside their specialty or as the RCS or (Royal College of Surgeons) puts it; GPs are doing nose jobs. In order to reduce risks to patients, RCS is promoting a list of surgeons that is voluntary who re-qualified to do cosmetic surgery, as opposite to more general surgeons doing this. While a voluntary list would let those having procedures to have some guidance tothose qualified cosmetic surgeons; properly trained and insured, there are still those who are not able to research or pay more will still fall victim to more corrupt cosmetic surgery clinics.

Euphoria Cosmetic Clinic

Founder and owner of Euphoria Cosmetic Clinic, has worked in the Cosmetic Medicine specialty for many years and knows exactly the kind of environment she wanted to create for her clients – a place where they feel welcomed, special and safe.

Met with smile

Clients will always be met with a smile and they mean it when they say Euphoria is about the client. They understand that if the clientis thinking about cosmetic procedures, particularly if it is their first time – there is anxiety. The list of all the treatments available today can also be somewhat daunting. The owner of this clinic has designed a tranquil and very relaxing environment where the client takes the time needed to explore options. A client can be assured that they will not be rushed, pressured, or beholden to endure any process that they are not contented with or are not right for them.