Dental Financing Options: A Guide for Those Without Dental Insurance


If you’re looking for dental work but don’t have insurance, it can be frustrating to figure out what your options are. After all, even simple dental work easily adds up! The good news is that there are different ways to finance your trip to the dentist.

Neglecting your teeth can lead to more expensive treatments down the line so the best thing you can do is make sure that you get everything taken care of ahead of time. Keep reading to learn more about the dental financing options available.

Dental Loan

One one of the first options you have is to take out a dental loan. This is really just a personal loan that you use to pay for whatever dental work you need to be done. This loan is often unsecured which means there’s no collateral tied to it.

However, wherever you are getting the loan from is taking a risk so the interest rate will be higher than if it were a secured loan. This is a great option if you can pay off the amount borrowed before the interest rate becomes overwhelming. If you’re approved, you’ll receive a lump sum, some lenders can fund the loan on the same day of approval.

To apply for a dental loan, you’ll also need a decent credit score. You can apply for a dental loan with bad credit but it’s more difficult. There are things, like your income or bank account, that can help the lender decide in your favor.

You can get prequalified and see how likely you are to be approved by certain vendors. Then you can shop around and get different quotes to see what option works best for you.

Medical Credit Card

There are a variety of medical credit cards available which are specifically for healthcare treatments and this includes dental procedures. Many of these cards, like CareCredit, have no or low-interest options. If they do, be sure to pay the balance within the deferred time period.

Only a specific network of providers accepts the card so if you have a specific dentist in mind, you have to check that they take your medical credit card. You’ll get the procedure done and then make payments to the credit card provider.

Just like other credit cards, you’ll need decent credit to get accepted.

Public Dental Clinics

There are many ways to see a dentist without insurance. Many of them will have their own discount plan if you are their patient for a long enough time or a small monthly fee. Another option is to find a public dental clinic for a low-cost option.

Some cities have dental clinics that help people who have low income or can’t afford care because they have no insurance. Many of these are staffed by volunteer dentists and specialists that provide different services for free or at a low price.

While this is a great option to consider, be sure to properly do your research and make sure that the public dental clinic is legitimate.

Dental Schools

If you want to get dental work done for a reduced cost or even free, consider going to a dental school. Dental students get the opportunity to learn a procedure and you get work done without breaking the bank.

If you’re worried about safety, the students are being monitored every step of the way. Search for local dental programs on the American Dental Association. The downside is that most dental colleges are located in major cities so you might have to do some traveling.

There might also be a long waiting time to get assigned a team and the procedure itself might end up taking longer since every part of it needs to be approved by the professor.

Dental Tourism

This option is a little less conventional but if you’re traveling and need dental work, consider getting dental work in another country where it is cheaper. While this may sound less than ideal, countries like Mexico and Poland, have great dental industries for lower than the cost in the US.

When deciding if dental tourism is right for you, think of what work you need done. It is easier to get a small procedure done by crossing the border to Mexico than to spend money on a flight to Europe. If the work necessary is extensive and complex, it’s worth it to go overseas and find the best dental care available.

The procedure won’t take long and you’ll be able to enjoy your vacation knowing you aren’t spending an obscene amount of money on dental work.

Be sure to do your research because there are many clinics in other countries that will take advantage of tourists who get dental work out of the country. You can also use a financing option or a credit card to pay for these procedures, saving you more money in the long run.

Dental Financing Options

Cost is the biggest reason why people don’t get proper dental care. Unfortunately, health insurance that includes dental work is quite expensive. Regular dental work without insurance can also easily cost more than $200 for an exam.

When you don’t have insurance, it can be overwhelming to know what your options are. Fortunately, there are different dental financing options to make sure you get the help you need. Take care of your dental hygiene now so you can save money in the long run.

If you are looking for more tips to save you money then be sure to check the financial section of our blog.