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Different Types Of Deck Planters

Deck planters are known as containers that are used to cultivate plants that are positioned on the decks. Usage of containers for planting or raising garden became popularly as a widely accepted alternative to having to plant directly on the land with the reduction of availability of land as there are many structures of building been raised and everyone still what to raise some sort of garden no matter how small and doing this comfortably and with less space and stress has given rise to the usage of containers such as deck planters in growing some varieties of plants and flowers. However, there are different types of deck planters which include wooden planter boxes, terracotta plant containers, patio planters, plastic outdoor planters as well as rail planters.

These are different types of deck planters that can be used in raising gardens depending on the choice of the users and it makes raising house plants that periodically need to be moved outdoors for sunlight easy. Wooden planters boxes are said to be the most common types of deck planters and these wooden planter boxes can either be a rectangle or square shape. It can be made available in natural wood colors or can be painted and some of these wooden containers have additional wood inlay along their sides to make them more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Another type of deck planter is the patio planter which is primarily used by vegetable gardeners. In patio planters, the containers are designed such that the bottom is built separately and used for a reservoir. The top container sits on this filled bottom, and the top container has holes beneath that grant access to the reservoir.

Terracotta plant containers are deck planters that have been used for thousands of years now, they are the traditional planting containers that are made from clay materials by the process of molding and baking by exposure to fire, after which the pot is glazed to form a waterproof coating. And terracotta plant containers are used as deck planters because of their weight and their ability to hold large plants without having to tip over in the wind. Plastic outdoor planters are another popular choice of deck planters because of bothering convenience and cost maximization. And lastly, for the sake of this article, is the over-the-rail planters that are designed specifically for decks. These over-the-rail planters have mostly some sort of clamp that attaches them to the deck railing to prevent the planter from falling off the deck.