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Essential modular kitchen equipments to install

The kitchen trolleys are meant to make your work easy by installing kitchen wares. These help in organizing and storing the cookery items, utensils and other items.  These contain cutlery drawers, racks, jar stands, and plate basket, etc. They come in different materials, such as stainless steel and wood. Trolleys are used for both domestic and commercial kitchen purposes.

Trolleys come in different sizes, depending on where you want to install them.  For instance, shelf type trolleys can be installed inside the kitchen cabinets, whereas the pull out trolleys installed inside drawers are ideal for arranging glass wares that requires careful handling and extra protection.

Placing the kitchen cabinets with racks, trolleys, carousels, and drawers can increase the storage space. These days you can find trolleys and channels that can handle 50 kg of kitchen stuffs.

Here’s the brief guide on few types available in the market.

Different types of baskets

Gone are the days where all the things are to be stored in just shelf or packed in boxes and stored in the loft. Baskets are considered as the main storage source; available in different styles and sizes based on its purpose, these baskets are fitted within the kitchen drawers or cabinets. Though there is an availability of wood trolleys, many house owners prefer stainless steel trolleys due to its easy maintenance and cleaning ability.

Cutlery baskets: Mainly used to store knives, spoons, forks, ladles and other small kitchen items, these baskets are installed in the cabinets, right below the countertop, offering easy access.

Plain baskets: Yet another highly used accessory, these baskets are meant to store large utensils. These units are available with few dividers, making you to arrange your kitchen gears in a systematic and better way.

Cup and saucer baskets: Meant to store cups & saucers, these baskets usually have Hettich or Caudry brand of soft close channel to avoid breaking and banging.

Plate baskets: Also known as ‘thali baskets’, these appear quite similar to cup and saucers type. These are meant to store your plates, trays, lids, pans, etc that come with little thickness and almost flat.

Partition kitchen baskets: These are used to store various kitchen equipments, such as spoons, glasses, cups, and plates, etc. These are made partitioned so that you can set different items of similar shape in one side.  These are in high demand in the market due to their highly durable and corrosion resistant properties.

Different types of channels

Basic channel: It’s available in standard parts of 8in, 10in, and 12in.

Soft close channel: Pull outs or drawers with soft channels can be operated smoothly, without a loud noise.

Push to open channel: Such types of drawers do not need any handles and can be easily pushed to slide it out smoothly.  

Tandem box: They operate like soft-close channels and are ideal for high load and maximum storage options.

These are some kitchen trolley design or units you can opt for. Have a word with your designer to get you a feasible, practical module that suits your kitchen requirement and style.

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