Everyone Is Investing In NASDAQ: LVGO



There are several ways of making money. Buying shares is one of them. One can easily make money at home but of course, there is a risk involved. But currently, that is not the case with NASDAQ: LVGO at . These shares have been skyrocketing now for a long time. Investing in them is a win-win situation for people. The gain of this stock has been sharp and it recently got up a 269% year. It had a good run for a long time and it seems unlikely for a share to keep rising even after that yet there is still a great runway ahead for it. The reason being the company that is behind it, Livongo. A lot of people suffer and even die of chronic diseases and this company helps people by treating chronic diseases. The margins have improved even more after the COVID-19 pandemic as the demand for remote care escalated quickly. The pandemic has magnified the scope of the shares it provides for investments.

What makes it special?

  • Recently in June, the NASDAQ: LVGO stocks jumped 20% reinstating the fact that Livongo is doing great.
  • The pandemic has boosted it even more and Livongo cuts the costs for the healthcare system.
  • It is much less expensive than people would expect.
  • It has been a reliable hot stock for a long time now.

What does Livongo do?

Livongo company aims to promote healthier behavior and offers many products for the same. The company was initially focused on diabetes but now it has expanded to other illnesses as well. It keeps a track of our behavior also intervenes in the emergencies. 

It provides:

  • Access to medication
  • Products for Diabetes, Hypertension, Prediabetes, behavioral health, and weight management.
  • Coaches the patients 
  • People prefer Livongo’s telehealth over visiting doctors specifically during this COVID-19 pandemic that has locked people in their homes in fear of virus transmission. This ascertains that the NASDAQ: LVGO stock prices will also keep rising
  • It has got the Artificial Intelligence (AI) support. It helps in recognizing patterns in patients, advising on the phone, wireless glucometer, pedometer, and many more to make it easier and convenient for patients.

Reasons that would make you buy these stocks straightaway

Livongo’s mission is focused on people. The members love the cause as well as the platform that helps them in staying healthy. The cost is covered by health insurance, making it sound like a fair deal. In 2019, the growth among the existing clients was around 112% net dollar-based expansion rate. Also, this company has witnessed tremendous growth and when everything was badly affected during the pandemic, it still kept growing and the growth got even better. Hence, it is a win-win investment by option trading.Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.