Factors Affecting Aluminium Extrusion

The quality of your extrusion may be affected by a number of factors.They include the following.


Temperature is one of the most important things to consider during aluminium extrusion.If the temperature is not right, it may lead to wastage, high costs of production, and the end result may be of poor quality.

Aluminium has always been considered as a metal that is difficult to measure.Successful manufacturing depends on your ability to regulate the temperature through various stages of production. There are plenty of applications used to measure temperature. And billets are some of the most popular.

They are heated up to about 500 degrees Celsius to lower the flow stress of your aluminium alloys.The heating also helps to avoid surface defects. They are a popular choice because they give accurate temperature control.They reduce the wastage of energy and improve the quality of your extrusion.


Shape is an important thing to consider when trying to determine the final outcome of your aluminium extrusion.Even though it is possible to extrude plenty of shapes, some of them may not be possible.If a part goes beyond certain shape limits, it may be difficult to extrude them. Lower extrusion temperatures and higher pressures usually produce high-quality shapes and better surfaces.Pressure limitations sometimes make it impossible to extrude certain shapes.


Aluminium is blended with various metals to form alloys with the desired properties. Their chemical compositions may enhance the desirable properties of aluminium such as strength and durability.Some alloys may be difficult or impossible to extrude.The alloy you choose will determine the pressure and temperature to use.

The Tongue Ratio

The tongue ratio may have a big impact on the performance of your extrusion.You can calculate the tongue ratio by getting the square of the smallest opening to the void. Calculate the area of the desired shape. Divide the square of the smallest opening by the area. If the number you get is too high, then your part may be difficult to extrude.

Weight per Foot and Factor

Weight per foot is a very important determinant of your final outcome. Light sections usually require a smaller press for extrusion.There are instances when you may need a press of higher capacity. If, for example, you are extruding a big, hollow shape, you require a higher press tonnage to extrude.If the factor is too high, it may be difficult to extrude.

Even though profiles can be designed to exceed the extrusion limits, the end result may not be very impressive.The shape, alloy composition, finish, size, and tongue ratio of your part will always affect the extrusion speed and the cost of your extrusion process.

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