Getting the best from you performance appraisal

Performance appraisals are the main reasons why employees try to work good all year round. Financial increment is a necessity. To gain the best out of your performance appraisal, here are a few things one is required to do.

  1. Acknowledge that it’s necessary

Selling the work you have done is necessary for an appraisal. Attach feedback e-mails, attach thank you notes from your clients and bosses, and tell them the positive impact you have gained for the company by our work. Show them that your work was necessary.

  1. Explore how?

You need to think about how your boss is at this type of process. Whatsource should you read, what attitude rings his bells, also you need to have a deeper insight into how these appraisals are conducted at your organisations? Privately in a dull environment or in a very vibrant fashion and how is your response according to it.

  1. Assess your attitude towards your job

Is your attitude right? Are you getting paid for what you are doing? Is this exactly what you want to do and do you want to spend your future doing this very same thing? If all the answers to this are a yes, that means you are contended with your job, doing a good work and you can, infact should have a fine appraisal.

  1. Make a wish list

Your organisation might not provide two hikes in one appraisal. You need to specify what you need. A position hike or a salary hike? You might want to reconsider your set of responsibilities and roles along with some hike in your salary that just doesn’t affect you tax slab. Make a wish list, and ask your boss to grant it well.

  1. Make sure it happens

If you are due your appraisal, make sure you get it in all terms. If you don’t ask your HR department, speak face to face with your boss, emphasize on your work done, and if you are not happy, maybe it’s time for a switch.

  1. Prepare

Gather all the information about your job well done as soon as you can, save it in multimedia and textual form. Your boss is prepared and so should be you.
write up what you need to, so that you don’t forget your crucial points and regret later. Ask for another meeting if you have to.

  1. Follow up

Following up and feedback are necessary tasks in every situation and appraisals are a similar forte. Follow up with your boss on what are his thoughts about the meeting you had, in case he needs more proof or relevant information pertaining the things you have claimed that you have done. Also, send him a thank you note.

  1. Get feedback regularly

Since you know that feedbacks are important for every sphere of your job. Ask for them regularly. Save them in a safe place so that you can hand the, whenever necessary.
ask them from both your boss and clients or co-workers wherever you can.