Few golfers turn down the invitation to go play a round of golf. So, it is important to have your gear ready to go. You do not want to be fumbling through your garage searching for your equipment. If you are late for tee times, you might not get asked again.

Let us go through your checklist for a round of golf. Continue reading so you are ready to play!

Golf Equipment

The best time to get ready for your next round is when you come home from your last round. When you take your clubs out of the car, do not just toss them in the corner of your garage. You want to clean your clubs and remove any dirt or grass from the club heads. Put your clubs back in their bag in an organized manner. Lastly, be sure to protect them with golf headcovers.

Next step is to go through your golf bag. Toss out any wrappers, broken tees, and other debris. Restock your bag with enough golf balls, tees, a ball marker, and a divot tool for the next round. Take out the dirty golf towel and replace it with a clean one. If your rain hood was used and got wet, leave it out to dry. Make sure it is near your clubs, so you do not forget to repack it.

Now, your essential golf equipment is ready and protected with golf headcovers.

Golf Accessories

You need to be ready for different weather conditions. A hat or visor will help shade your eyes from the sun. A good pair of sunglasses protects your eyes and assists you in seeing more clearly. Sunscreen and lip balm are another of your golf accessories to make sure you have as part of your golf round checklist.

Many golfers leave these accessories in their cars because they are essentials for other activities as well.

Golf Gear

Lastly, you need your golf gear for your next round of golf. Your golf shoes are essential for your next tee time. Keep extra spikes in your car just in case. Most golfers use golf gloves. Many keep the gloves in their bags. These should be like your golf towel. If you can, have two pairs – one clean and one that gets tossed in the laundry after playing.

Weather is unpredictable. A rain jacket is great to have, so you are prepared for anything.