Here are the reasons why you must go for Magento development for your business

The rapid growth of eCommerce around the world economy has demanded an enriched platform for the development of the websites and Magento has always been in the top leaderboard chart since its release in 2007. Magento has been awarded, with “Best of Open Source Awards” and “SourceForge Community choice Awards”, several times. If you are wondering why it is so good, there are plenty of reasons to go for Magento development. The reasons to prefer Magento are as followed:

Open-source Platform

Since its release, Magento has always been an open-source platform which also helped it grow globally because of being absolutely open-source. It is available to anyone and everyone and it can be downloaded for free. Being open-source, it gives access to the user to a broad range of extensions and themes. Magento offers three versions:

●       Magento Community Edition (free)

●       Magento Enterprise Edition (premium)

●       Magento Go (hosted and paid on Magento’s official servers)

The most used one is likely the Community Edition as it’s open-source and has been a reliable version since. Though, it is also likely that a magento development company may suggest you to use one of the other versions depending on your needs because other versions also offer different sets of advanced features and set values to work upon.

Scalable and Highly Flexible

Being open-source, Magento has maintained its fluidity in its features and development. The utmost propriety of Magento is that it is flexible and that makes it helpful to support different varieties of business sources of all kinds and you can avail all these facilities by subscribing to a Magento development company. Supporting a vivid range of businesses is what a developing eCommerce company needs and Magento has always provided all those facilities to build and grow a perfect platform with broad collections of adjustability and customizations.

Friendly SEO Features

Everyone, nowadays, is familiar with the term SEO (Search engine Optimization). It is the key to improve the site to increase its visibility when people search for products or services related to specific businesses. Magento is known for its SEO system being extremely friendly. Magento supports SEO to maintain the most fundamental part of the digital marketing era. It offers enhanced SEO components and has a high ranking on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). There are enough reasons that make Magento the best platform for a better business site. Magento already has a built-in SEO tool that provides sitemaps, URL rewriting, meta info, advanced Permalinks, OG tags, etc.

User Friendly

With the rich and highly enhanced facilities, Magento has always offered a comfortable user experience so that they can produce excellent output for their clients. The smooth navigation features have offered smooth transitions and a better user interface with the seamless functions of exploring the website at will. Your website can also get all of these features only if they hire a Magento development company.

Compatibility of extensions and third-party integration

Being open-source, Magento allows its users to adjust the source code according to their needs and business requirements making it compatible with multiple extensions. This enables the installation of any Magento module in the business sites based on specific requisites. Users can make third-party integration and this makes Magento the most suitable platform in terms of flexibility and advancement in the current marketplace.

Consistent with mobile users

With the advanced era of mobile phones, it has become hard to keep updated with modern technology. But Magento has led the path to keep its name of being called mobile-friendly quite efficiently. Magento comes with all the features to run as smoothly as it does on computers. It has managed to remain the best open-source platform when it comes to optimization on smartphones, tablets or notebooks.

Moreover, Magento supports multiple stores and is multilingual. It also allows multi-currency businesses and a variety of payment gateways to choose from. With its high-end security services, Magento provides the best of all. It is also compatible with cross-browser services. All these properties and functions make Magento retain its place in the top three among its competitors. 

With all these features Magento can help you grow your business rapidly. If you are willing to develop a Magento site for your company, you can click on the link to know more and hire the best Magento development company for your business.