How Does the e-cig Function?

Cigars have become very common in the recent few decades. This has also impacted its production in that there are now different types of these cigars that are available for now. Gone are those days when there existed only one type of the cigars. With the fast advancement of technology, this has led to the massive production of the cigars that are embracing the use of technology. This is the reason why the e-cigarettes are in the market today. This technology that includes the production of the electronic cigars can be traced back several decades ago. The production was motivated by the fact that there were several recommendations especially from the doctors and rehabs for the patients who were greatly affected by the smoking. It was therefore regarded as the best way to induce gradual withdrawal from smoking. As time went by, a number of people started embracing the e-cig. This later on led to the production and selling of these cigs. They were now available for many people to access them and use them. However, it is pretty important to note that there are notable differences between these two cigars. The following are some of the reasons why these two types of cigars are considered to be different;

  • Burning of tobacco
  • Use and reuse
  • Cost

Burning of tobacco

Tobacco is one of the common features that characterizes the two types of these cigars. In both cases, the tobacco is used. This article will therefore take you through the means with which these two devices work. With the tradition cigars, the tobacco is burnt directly by lighting it using the source of flame of fire. The flame will then be able to burn up the tobacco and produce the smoke that is supposed to be inhaled. On the other hand, the e-cig is supposed to boil up the liquid tobacco that is available in the reservoir. The heater is supposed to heat the liquid at high temperatures till the liquid vaporizes. This leads to the production of steam and the smoker is supposed to get the vapor within the shortest time possible.

Use and reuse

So many people are concerned about the frequency with which these two cigars can be used. For this reason, it is important to note that the traditional cigars are only used one time and they are fully consumed by the burning. However, when it comes to the e-cig, you can use the device for as many times as possible. You will only need to be refilling the e-liquid and keep on recharging the battery for the device to keep on serving you.


From the above argument on the frequency at which they can be used and reused; it is very easy to determine which one can be costly. I fact, the e-cig is costly compared to the normal cigar. This is because of the fact that you shall be able to use it for a longer time than its counterpart hence the reason why they are common.