Is Speed Baccarat A Right Live Game For You To Play?

Speed Baccarat is the latest version of Live Baccarat games designed for the fast and exciting gaming experience. All cards are dealt with face up and if required other extra cards are also dealt as soon as possible. It might be surprising to know that only two software providers – Playtech and Evolution Gaming label a game as Speed Baccarat.

An Overview Of Evolution And Playtech Speed Baccarat

As mentioned above, Playtech and Evolution Gaming are the only leading providers that have offered gamblers this unique title of Speed Baccarat. Let’s give a short glimpse over some of the major highlights of Playtech and Evolution Speed Baccarat.

Evolution Speed Baccarat Playtech Speed Baccarat
1. 8 decks are used in the game with standard game rules. 1. The games use the same 8 decks.
2. Banker or Player Pairs side bet is available. 2. A player or Banker Pairs, Egalite, and Small or Big side bets are available.
3. The gaming actions are transmitted right from the studio in Riga, Latvia. 3. Games are streamed directly from the Philippines based studio.
4. Game rounds generally take about suspense-packed 27 seconds. 4. In comparison to Evolution Speed Baccarat, game rounds of Playtech version take time between 34 to 40 seconds, slower than their other normal games.

Live Speed Baccarat

The gameplay of Live Speed Baccarat is the super-fast alternative to standard Baccarat games. Powered by Evolution Gaming, this authentic game is pretty easy to understand and optimized for desktop, tablet, and smartphone with a fast user interface. If you are among those people, who are in a hunt of maximum betting opportunities and increased thrill during playing session, then Live Speed Baccarat at all casinos licensed by recognized authorities are a perfect option for you. As cards are dealt face-up, each round completes quickly in 27 seconds.

Advantages Of Speed Baccarat

Rules and gameplay of Evolution Gaming’s Speed Baccarat are similar to the standard baccarat games. It completes the game rounds within 27 seconds instead of 48 seconds of the original versions without compromising on the qualitative aspects. That means players can easily and quickly take advantage of this fast-paced, action-loaded, and super exciting game. This newest version can be enjoyed on the tablets, desktop, computer, and tablets with HD seamless streaming for a realistic experience. There are no multiple cameras or face-down cards. What you enjoy is only constant action with unlimited fun.

Can I Choose Speed Baccarat As Right Live Game For Me?

This game is unquestionably the most recommended option for you if you are highly experienced enough with key skills and strategies. Remember that you have to be fast in your actions as Speed Baccarat is a fast-paced game and provides only 12-20 seconds to place a bet. To play the game effectively, use the strategy of playing at a fixed wager rather than changing it frequently from round to round. Very importantly, don’t forget that it pays 0.95:1 lowest prize. As now you know everything about this game, it is all upon you to decide whether or not it is a perfect live game to play.