Jan-Pro Commercial Cleaning Services Leave Your Business Spotless From Top To Bottom

Commercial Cleaning

A clean business setting says a lot about your company. It cultivates client trust and conveys your commitment to quality products and services.

JAN-PRO local cleaning franchisees are equipped with branded processes, products, and systems to elevate the cleanliness standards in your facility. They also strive for total accountability through brand standard audits and tracking systems.

High-Quality Cleaning Products

Using quality cleaning products and safe equipment, Jan-Pro janitorial cleaners ensure your business is spotless from top to bottom. Their services include routine janitorial work and deep carpet cleaning and disinfecting to help your business maintain a healthy environment for employees and clients.

Whether you’re a financial institution, automotive dealership, or commercial office, JAN-PRO commercial cleaning services Orange County CA, professionals can help you maintain a clean, inviting atmosphere that boosts productivity and cultivates customer trust. Their state-of-the-art EnviroShield disinfecting system eliminates harmful bacteria clinging to surfaces, creating a safer work environment.

Jan-Pro’s branded systems deliver measurable results for all industries and budgets. And their local cleaning franchisees are committed to total accountability to guarantee a consistent, reliable clean. They also undergo extensive training to learn brand standards, the latest technology, and branded programs.

State-of-the-Art Disinfecting Devices

Your commercial cleaning services Orange County CA company uses state-of-the-art disinfecting devices that reduce the spread of germs throughout your office. These include EnviroShield commercial disinfectant systems similar to those used in hospitals, backpack vacuums that meet HEPA filtration standards, and color-coded microfiber cleaning cloths to prevent cross-contamination between areas of your business.

These methods ensure that your facility meets the highest health and safety standards for a safe working environment. A clean setting can also cultivate trust among your clients and customers, which is vital to growing a thriving business.

Jan-Pro Cleaning & Disinfecting delivers measurable results for various industries and budgets. Certified cleaning franchisees use quality products, innovative technology, and personal accountability to provide consistent services. They’re also equipped with branded systems and a deep understanding of cleaning processes to guarantee you’ll always get the best cleaning services for your business. Consistent cleanliness makes it easier for employees to focus on their work and cultivate a professional image.

Dedicated cleaning crews

Jan-Pro Cleaning franchisees utilize a team of skilled, background-checked professional cleaners. These local cleaning experts are dedicated to ensuring client satisfaction by using branded systems and achieving measurable results for all their clients.

Jan-Pro offers various specialized services for businesses, including floor cleaning and disinfecting. Its advanced EnviroShield disinfecting device removes harmful bacteria clinging to surfaces, helping companies maintain a healthy work environment for employees and customers.

In 1983, Jan-Pro commercial cleaning services Orange County CA became one of the leading global janitorial and facility management service providers. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Empower Brands, LLC, and operates as an international janitorial franchisor. Its three-tiered business model includes an intermediary “master owner” (regional, third-party entities) that sells business plans to local “unit franchisees,” who are the cleaners performing services for customers.

Total Accountability

A clean setting says a lot about your business. It reflects your dedication to your work and cultivates trust among clients and employees. And with Jan-Pro cleaning and disinfecting services, maintaining a professional appearance becomes effortless.

Jan-Pro-certified cleaning franchisees provide measurable results for various industries and budgets through quality products, innovative technology, and personal accountability. Your local franchisee will communicate with you to understand your specific needs and then deliver a guaranteed service that meets those needs.

Using state-of-the-art disinfecting devices like the EnviroShield, JAN-PRO offers wall-to-wall disinfection for schools, commercial businesses, and religious facilities. These disinfecting techniques remove harmful bacteria that can spread illness. They also help keep your staff and students healthy and safe. This is essential for school-based environments, such as classrooms and gyms, where illness-causing germs can be abundant.