Private Christian Schools in Georgia

When a family’s children become school age, they are sent to public schools nine times out of ten. Most families aren’t aware of alternatives. Charter schools made a splash thirty years ago. They garnered some students, but not as many as public schools. Christian schools were around before charter schools. They, too, garnered some students, but private Christian schools in Georgia are fast gaining ground. Here’s why.

In the beginning

Deuteronomy 11: 18, 19 exhorts parents to explain the Word of God to their children at all times of the day and night. In Christian schools, all paths lead to one place. Math, science, language skills and more can be found in the Bible. Private Christian schools in Georgia believe that children get the best education from One who invented both the mind and education.

Proverbs 9:10 tells us that “knowledge of the holy One is understanding.” Such knowledge leads to wisdom and understanding, those for which every student strives. When the Word is used as the basis of learning, then students gain wisdom and knowledge, as well as learning to think things through and to think for themselves. Isn’t that the name of the education game, after all?

Focus on individual children

Unlike their public cousins, private schools enable teachers to spend more time with individual children. In such an environment, children grow academically as well as personally. Smaller classes enable children to participate more, gain in self-confidence in addition to becoming quick thinkers as well as confident participating in a public manner.

Unfortunately, public schools have degenerated to the point that scholastic excellence has been pushed aside altogether or made to fit the slowest child instead of vice versa. Private Christian schools in Georgia consistently enjoy higher test scores than their public brethren. Private school students are more likely to be considered for college tuition that their public school cousins. On the world stage, public school students lag behind in all subjects. Private school students excel.


Most articles strive for neutrality regarding public events. However, there is always, unfortunately, a school shooting somewhere. So few of these happen in Christian schools that it isn’t fair to even mention it. The truth remains that when God was eliminated from schools 40 years ago, the door was wide open to evil and death.

Christian schools aren’t strangers to drugs and alcohol abuse. They are no strangers to the struggle over gay people and teen pregnancy. However, since God is in the details, students have a better chance to figure it out within a spiritually-guided forum. Christian school students stand a better chance of coming through the fires of childhood and teenagerhood unscathed than their public-school cousins.