Right Ideas: Older Women Looking For Younger Men

Though the trend has been growing steadily ever since the women’s liberation movement of the sixties and seventies, the phenomenon of older women looking for younger men to have relationships with really came to the attention of the public at large through the romantic couplings of celebrities.

In recent years, you had Madonna marrying a man who’s ten years younger. You had Demi Moore marrying a man who’s fifteen years younger and only a few years older than her children. Other famous women like Drew Barrymore and Halle Berry also followed suit.

Once celebrities, our societies avatars of cool, gave it their stamp of approval, women senior dating and having relationships with younger men suddenly came to be seen as progressive and cutting edge. A 2003 survey of 3,500 women between the ages 40 and 69 found that 34 percent had dated men who are ten or more years younger than themselves.

But is it a healthy trend? Does an older woman looking for younger men make sense in the long run? Traditional views of relationships dictate that when choosing a mate, we look for someone no more than five years or so apart in age from us. Typically, men are encouraged to seek someone who is younger and women someone who’s older.

The reasoning here is that we’re more likely to have common life goals and priorities with someone who is closer to us in age. The sexual attraction felt at the beginning of a relationship inevitably fades in intensity over time and shared life goals, or a lack thereof, become more important. With a couple who are further apart in age when that initial sexual attraction wanes, the difference in stages of life, and hence in life plans, can come to light.

When examined more closely however, age difference in relationships is really an adolescent concern. After all, when you are nineteen years old, someone four years apart from you in age, be they fifteen or twenty-three, is often at a vastly different stage of their life than you are. But once you’ve have entered adulthood, an age difference of ten years or more can be neutralized by life experience.

As it pertains specifically to older women looking for younger men to date, a difference in age offers many potential advantages for both parties. For an independent woman who’s set in her career, men around our age are often intimidated or put off by our lack of dependence on them. Younger men on the other hand, are more likely to be impressed by our independence and life experience. Having someone who you can use your experience to advance their own life can be very stimulating in itself.

And for a woman who’s feeling the pangs of middle age, dating someone younger could be just the elixir she needs at isle of man dating site. Charlie Chaplin famously once said “You’re only as young as the women you feel”. Well just as men often give themselves a healthy ego boost by dating younger women; women are free to do the same thing. Simply having a younger man be attracted to her can serve as a nice confirmation to a girl that she’s “still got it”. And while we often have to compete with younger women for men around our own age, a woman who’s open to dating younger men will have more suitors to choose from than a prom queen.

Modern society has slowly come to see relationships between older men and younger women as “normal”. As time goes on, the phenomenon of older women looking for younger men will inevitably come to gain more acceptances as well. For the mature woman who finds herself single, it could be just what she’s looking for and didn’t even know it.

My name is Michelle Pamela Rawlins. I’m a 44 year old woman who is single and enjoys dating younger men.

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