Satisfy Hunger & Reduce Inflammation with These CBD Gummies

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is becoming very popular in the medical marijuana scene. People are using this product to treat all kinds of different illnesses and diseases like stress, anxiety, cancer, multiple sclerosis (MS), Alzheimer’s disease, seizure disorders (epilepsy), Tourette Syndrome (TS), Parkinson’s disease, sleep apnea syndrome (SAS) and even obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

CBD comes from Cannabis or hemp that has a high percentage of CBD (>2%) and low THC content (<0.3%). Marijuana containing a high amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can give you a “high” feeling while chewing on raw marijuana buds will not produce any psychoactive effect at all. The psychoactive effect that people are looking for is caused by THC.

Effective CBD GummiesFor Painhas been confirmed to have many medical benefits, but it also has side effects to some extent, which are dry mouth, lightheadedness, and sleepiness. The reason why these side effects occur is because of the way CBD stimulates cannabinoid receptors in your body. For example, when CB1 receptors get stimulated, this causes a reduction in saliva production resulting in dry mouth, while stimulation of CB2 receptors causes an increase in histamine release which leads to lightheadedness and sleepiness.

Although CBD does not give you any psychoactive high like THC does, it can still cause other unwanted side effects because it stimulates both CB1 & CB2 receptors just like THC does. This is why some people decided to extract CBD from marijuana and use it on its own. However, the downside to this technique is that CB1 receptors are found in high numbers in your brain while CB2 receptors are more prevalent outside of your brain (in immune system cells, spleen & tonsils). The fact that CBD stimulates both types of cannabinoid receptors can result in unwanted side effects like lightheadedness, sleepiness, and dry mouth. But there’s another possibility…

What if you could get all these health benefits without any psychoactive effect at all? All you’d need to do is reduce the amount of CBD so that it does not stimulate CB1 or CB2 receptors but still have high enough concentrations so that it will produce a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. Well, it’s possible…

This is where Effective CBD Gummies For Pain come into play. Gummies are something that people can easily take because they taste good and they are fun to eat. Also, you don’t need to worry about unwanted side effects like dry mouth, lightheadedness, etc. because CBD gummies do not stimulate any cannabinoid receptors at all.