Sex is On the Air Via the Best Medium

Even at a distance, people can give pleasure to themselves and others if they have a good imagination, a telephone and use some good advice.


In order to avoid any awkward pauses while communicating with a telephone partner, you need to prepare your text in advance and even rehearse it. Although it is not at all necessary to comply with it very strictly because a partner must fit into it freely or even play its own role according to its own scenario.

Creating an intimate setting

You can put out the lights, light candles, put on beautiful sexy lingerie, turn on soft music and pour yourself a good favorite wine.

Splashing your favorite men’s cologne is also worth it.

Contact setup

Keep a quiet conversation, try to pronounce his name often, ask about his feelings, in order to make sure that the interlocutor is present and that there is a connection.

Observance of the necessary details

For the emergence of a sense of reality, try to recall some intimate details about which only you alone know. Let him “kiss” your mole on your chest or remove a naughty lock of hair from your face. Men love to visualize what is happening, so all the details and descriptions will help him present more and more real. In XXXBios you can see the videos of such sex and enjoy also.

View of what is happening

Try to visualize his image. Imagine that he is near, and you feel his breath and touch. If you manage to develop a fantasy and experience pleasant sensations, then your speech will be more realistic.

Getting rid of constraint

With the help of Phone Sex Fantasy, you can conduct theoretical experiments and participate in role-playing games. If you can’t get rid of the constraint and fully relax, then you can imagine yourself as a maid or telephone operator.