Take Crazy Snapshot at Bandung’s Wonderful Art World

wonderful indonesia

Now, Indonesia has another fantastic cure for all those that like to present, make funny faces or simply have fun with their cameras. Singapore has its own Trick Eye Museum, Thailand has its own Eye 3D, Bali has the 3D Dream Museum, and today, Bandung has the new Art World!

This museum is still on its opening stage. As the largest 3D museum in Indonesia, Bandung‘s Wonderful Art World has many different zones for museum visitors to take fun pictures, like the History Zone, Aqua Zone, Dinosaur Zone, Animal Zone, Artistic Zone, Living Zone, Media Zone, Winter Zone, Love Zone, Fantasy Zone, and Mail Hall. Visitors are free to present, move around, and adjust their posture to fit the artwork in the background.

Beautiful Art World owner Han stated 3D museums have been a hit in many other nations, like China, Korea, and the Philippines. He chose to start this memorial in Bandung because Bandung is one of Indonesia’s top tourism destinations.

All of the paintings here were painted by 15 artists, five of which came from South Korea. In the meantime, 10 Indonesian artists, specifical artists out of Bandung’s Braga place, painted the rest of the artwork.

Don’t miss out on visiting this fantastic museum during your next trip to Bandung.


Jalan Setiabudi No. 293


Ticket prices (Weekdays):

Routine: IDR 130,000

Pupils: IDR 100,000

Kids: IDR 80,000

Ticket prices (Weekends):

Routine: IDR 170,000

Pupils: IDR 130,000

Kids: IDR 100,000

Bandung can be easily reached by toll road from Jakarta in 2 to 3 hours. There are daily flights direct from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. The town is famous for its serene mountain setting, bargain hunting in factory outlets, tasty food and the fantastic outdoors.