The Difference Between Laser Cutting and Laser Etching

If you are new to laser technology, you don’t have enough knowledge about it. More so, about the difference between laser cutting and laser etching. 

When it comes to precision or decorating materials, laser technologies can help in generating better results. But not all technologies are created equal. They use different approaches; hence, distinct outcomes can be achieved. 

Here’s how laser cutting differs from laser etching:

The Process of Laser Cutting

Using the focus of a beam of light, laser cutting Perth cuts the materials perfectly. It can be used in wood, rubber, plastic, and metal. This laser is powerful enough to create clean-cut edges, which allow people to appreciate it.

Laser cutting has various settings that can accumulate different intensity levels depending on the material you are using. This makes them flexible in whatever project you are planning to do.

The Process of Laser Etching

Laser etching on the other hand, creates black and white marks, and is effectively more efficient

in marking materials. Since it requires less energy from the laser beam, laser etching aluminium is faster than engraving.

With help of innovation, a seamless project result can be reached through laser etch. It has a high-resolution allowing clients to become more satisfied with laser technology.

Why Should You Use Laser Cutting and Etching?

If you are into printing, you might also know that marking technologies like laser can optimize manufacturing processes. 

Companies use laser processes to mark barcodes, data matrix, serial numbers, and sometimes logos. This is an essential tool in branding their products or services.

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