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The kitfo food is similar to tartar!

Cooking is an art. The cooking techniques are very different around the world. From frying food on the stove to roasting it on the fire. The level and quality of each person’s cooking depends on their skill and experience. People can cook at home or cook at the restaurant. kitfo Ethiopian Food


Of course, by repeating your cooking skill will increase. And you will gain many experiences. You can also use the experiences of others written in cookbooks or on the Internet. By combining different ingredients, you can create new foods.

Cooking is one way if it is done right it will kill harmful bacteria. For cooking meat cut it with a knife to cook well and it will not cause poisoning .

The most important thing in cooking is interest. If you are not interested you cannot spend hours for cooking food and spending time for crushing ingredients .

Delicious food is a food that has enough spice, salt and pepper. By cooking at home, you make sure your meat is well cooked, as well as its salt and pepper. Today I want to introduce to you a food made with meat. We are not cook the meat and have not caused any harm to anyone.

Today I want to teach you a recipe of food that is called Kitfo that I’ve seen in a new cookbook I bought. This book has written many native dishes. One of these foods are kitfo .

kitfo food is similar to Tartar. This food is Ethiopian. And the thing to know about this food is that if you want to make it in Ethiopian way, you have to cut the meat and eat it raw. But if you don’t like raw meat, you can cook it. Of course you just have to cook, not fry.


Ingredients for Kitfo:

This book says that fresh beef should be used.

Spices like turmeric , salt , pepper ,ginger

Vegetables like garlic and onions



And cheese

In Ethiopia, this dish is eaten with a bread that’s name is injera . they cook this bread themselves. kitfo is very famous in Ethiopia.

How to make kitfo bread:

They make the dough with yeast and cover it with banana tree leaves and then cook.

It’s true that this dish is simple and uses less ingredients. But the delicious secret of this dish is in the spice. If you don’t use the right spices, raw meat will ruin your mood. The most important of these spices is Mitmita. Of course, you can also use ground cardamom too .


Step 1

Using a sharp knife, remove the fat from the meat and discard it and then cut the meat to the appropriate size. And then grind the meat a few times with the meat grinder.

Step 2

Melt butter in a small saucepan and set aside.

Step 3

Turn the oven on and lower the heat. Put the pot on the stove then quickly add the meat, cardamom, mithmite, salt and melted butter and let it warm for just a few minutes. In fact, remove it before changing the color of the meat. Must be raw meat .

Of course there are other recipe for Kitfo I tell you what has written in this book . that we can make better kitfo by reading another cookbook. Friends who are interested in cooking like me can add other ingredients to the recipe and test it.

You can cook the amount of meat or heat it completely in the pot. It is up to you.

Ethiopians love this raw food. But it is written in this book that you can bake and enjoy it .

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