What do you do when you do not have anything interesting to read? To kill the boredom, you find out several ways. One interesting way to kill boredom is to read interesting blogs. Blogs not only update us on current affairs on daily basis but also there are certain blogs which have interesting contents to make one’s life easy. This is one interesting way to pass time. But, the internet is filled with a variety of different blogs and sometimes it can be a little confusing as to which one to choose. There could be some which do not really interest the reader. There are also some blogs where the contents are totally biased based on the viewpoints of only one person. Those one-sided blogs are not usually good to follow as it does not allow the reader to develop their own perspective. Certain blogs turn out to be extremely interesting and worth reading. Usually such blogs are very active and also very popular. Going through a mesh of numerous blogs, the selected pieces are popular for its content and are recommended by the readers worldwide. From these blogs, you can choose any to have a nice time.

Here, we have listed out some of the most active news blogs such as the

  1. Pharyngula:

It is a science blog which covers many topics related to science and technology. It covers many articles related to the readers’ interest as well as new discoveries and inventions in the field of science and technology. Launched in the year 2002, it has the spiked interest in many science and technology savvy as well as various science bloggers.

  1. Business Insider:

This is one blog that should be followed by those who find an interest in finance, stocks, industries and business. Henry Blodget started it in 2009 and the best part is that it caters towards a wide readership. It has editions for China, India, Germany, UK and many more. If the business world fascinates the reader then this is one blog that would provide up-to-date info. Accordingly this blog is highly popular and well read.

  1. Talking Points Memo:

Anything to do with politics and the latest news on foreign/administration policies – this is the blog to go to. It is basically a list in which certain points are discussed either in the form of a debate or in support. Since it was launched (the year of 2000) by Josh Marshall it has caught up a wide fan base. It has found a prominent place on the social media platform too.

  1. Crooks and Liars:

This is another blog which brings in up-to-date scenes in the political world. Ever since it was started in 2004 by John Amato, it has become quite popular and readers with a specific interest in politics also suggest this blog to others.

  1. The Raw Story:

It is known for posting contents on politics, economy and business for national and international issues. The blog is famous for publishing its own viewpoints and investigative pieces on a certain issue revolving around any political gossip.