Trademark Infringement: Distress for Every Business

According to the statistics, there are around 34000 registered trademark attorneys in the US and out of which 5000-6000 lawyers work for the state of California. These numbers are expected to double in the coming years. But why? 

The primary factor affecting the growth of the Trademark & Patent Lawyers & Attorneys industry is the research and development expenditure and the growing number of businesses seeking patent services. 

Today every new entrepreneur is looking for a trademark attorney in San Diego, CA, to file an application for trademark registration at the local trademark office. Trademark registration means that the company holds the exclusive right to use the specific trademark with the type of goods or services it has been registered for. This is an essential form of intellectual property, and if someone tries to copy your logo or trademark, you are free to file Trademark litigation

Any litigation that involves issues, disputes, or matters relating to trademarks is called trademark litigation. And the most common trademark litigation is the trademark infringement litigation. So if you think that your trademark rights have been infringed, you have the option to approach the court. Then the court will determine if such use of the logo or symbol will cause any uncertainty to the customers in identifying the original brand. But before you proceed, it is vital to have a clear understanding of what exactly trademark infringement is and if your rights have actually been infringed. So to find out, continue reading!

Infringement of Trademark

Infringement refers to the breach of an individual’s rights. Therefore, the term infringement of trademark means the violation or breach of trademark rights. So, if an unauthorized person or brand, or organization uses your trademark or a substantially similar trademark on their goods or services, a trademark is said to be infringed. Furthermore, below are some examples of trademark infringement.

According to the law, a trademark is infringed if:

  • The symbol or mark used is almost identical to a registered trademark, which is likely to deceive the consumer when making a purchase.
  • A company is using the infringed symbol in the course of its trade.
  • An unauthorized company uses a registered trademark in its printed or digital advertisements.
  • Your logo, name, symbol, or combination of letters is being used with a few additions or alterations by another brand.

How to Find a Trademark Attorney in San Diego, CA?

Probably now you have found out whether you have got infringed or not. And if you think that your trademark has got infringed, the next thing you need to do is find a trademark attorney, which is no child’s play. This is because the trademark attorney is not an ordinary business lawyer; you need a dedicated intellectual property attorney or trademark lawyer who is experienced in handling trademark disputes. So to find one, here are a few tips you can follow:

Take Referrals From Other Business Owners

Your fellow business owners can be the best route to finding a great lawyer. So, if you know a business owner who has dealt with trademark issues in the past, you can ask them for contact information. 

Look for Them at Business Conferences and Events

Business lawyers and trademark attorneys often attend various conferences and events to build their social connections and alliances with business owners. Therefore, there are chances you can find a reliable trademark lawyer in an upcoming event.

Contact Bar Associations

State or local bar associations are also a great source of information for finding a trademark attorney in San Diego, CA. You can opt for their referral services and find one that best suits your case.

Browse the Internet for Legal Services

Lastly, the power of the internet cannot be underestimated when searching for a legal service provider in your area. Legal assistance is also available online on trademark issues, and that is also for low prices.