Using Perfect Money for Web Hosting

Web hosting can be paid by using Perfect Money. Perfect Money is one of the leading financial services that lets its users make payments that are instant and to make money transfers that are secure over the internet opening unique prospects for Internet users and owners of businesses on the web. 


The benefits of using Perfect Money hosting include:

  • Send money free
  • Worldwide acceptance
  • Easy in signing up
  • Payments are instant
  • Activation is instant
  • Payments are anonymous
  • Secure payments
  • No hidden or extra charges

Stops identity theft

Identity theft on the internet is a large problem but one of the most effective ways to protect your identity is to keep private your financial information. Perfect Money enables you to pay with no sharing of your financial data with sellers. This is considered the safest way to buy hosting or any other product online. 

Unauthorized payments

Perfect Money also offers 100 percent protection against any unauthorized payments coming from your account. This is one reason that it is popular as a hosting payment system.

Fund Deposits

There are many ways to deposit funds into your Perfect Money accounts. They include:

  • Bank wire – by sending bank wire (SWFIT/IBAN) from your online banking account directly to your Perfect Money account.
  • Certified exchange partners – Perfect Money e-currency can be purchased with other e-currencies, Western Union, Money Gram or only for cash.
  • Cash terminals – Make a deposit at the payment terminal near you. Funds immediately are credited to your account.
  • Perfect Money prepaid card/e-Voucher can be purchased with a variety of online exchange services or auctions.
  • E-currency – fund can be deposited via e-currency transfer from accounts in any electronic payment system with all deposits being instantaneous.
  • Instant deposit via SMS – Send SMS from cell phone and receive money instantly in your Perfect Money account.