Variations in Pearls Makes them Unique and Priceless in the Market

It was Kokichi Mikimoto who started the concept of cultivating pearl. However, it was opposed by many businessmen, but later this concept was used by many to reach the needs of the market. Now there are saltwater as well as freshwater pearls which are obtained easily. With time, people also understood different classifications and colors of pearls can also be produced. Thus, now there are wide ranges of pearl stones available in the market that makes exquisite accessories.

Although ladies still prefer diamonds over pearls, but everyone prefer to have at least one pearl accessory in their wardrobe. Even if it’s inherited by ancestors, they still hold a lot of importance. Fashion world is versatile therefore designers try to mix and match unique items to produce something exclusive. For example, pearl engagement rings, that are studded with diamonds are not only unique but is also a symbol of pure love.

Since pearls are now back into fashion world therefore people look for unique shapes and colors to match with their attire. Here are some different sorts of pearls that have caught many eyes –

  • Freshwater pearls that are grown in mollusk in river, sea, pond, lakes etc. They are made of solid nacre, but can never have a perfect round shape.
  • South sea pearls are generally called golden pearls and are the most expensive stones in market. They are extremely large in size which means lot of nacre layers makes it extremely lustrous and rich in color.
  • Akoya pearls were first pearls that were sold in market and are available in round shape. They are mostly used for accessories in wedding and other big functions, as it is affordable and come in charming colors like white, pink, cream etc.
  • Black Tahitian pearls are well-known for their color and unique shape which come in colors of blue, green and brown. They are obtained from black lip oysters only which are unique and quite big in size.
  • Biwa pearls, obtained from lake Biwa, Japan, are recognized for their unique rice shape and unusual outline. They are used for their healing property that cleanses mind and bring good thoughts.
  • Baroque pearls are different from other as they come in funny sizes and shapes. They can be round, egg, oval, rice, stick, square, cross etc. in shape.

Different styles and colors of pearls help in creating different designs. Now pearls aren’t confined to just some necklace or earrings that can be worn in evening parties, but they have also become part of accessories like purses, clutches, headband, jackets, bracelets, shoes etc.