What things do you need to start learning Stand Up Paddle Boarding?

There are many advantages of stand up paddle boarding, such as you can play on the water in a fun and unique way, you will get a full-body workout by doing stand up paddle boarding, and you can also enjoy the view.

Things you need before you start stand up paddle boarding

So before you start, here is a list of few things you need:

  • Stand up paddle board- It is better to use rented boards before you buy one. This will help you to figure out whether you want to continue paddle boarding or not without wasting extra money. This will also help you to choose what type of board is suitable for you and after that if you want to continue just buy one. For more information about different types of boards, you can search stand up paddle board UK on Google.
  • Paddle- For maximum paddling efficiency a paddle boarding paddle is angled forward with a tear-drop-shaped blade and it looks like a stretched-out canoe
  • Personal Flotation Device (PFD)- PFD is very essential for safety and children must always wear PFD while paddle boarding. Adults must also wear PFD if they are paddle boarding outside the surfing or swimming area.
  • Sun protection- Always protect yourself from the sun by using sunglasses, sunscreen, and sun-protective clothes.
  • Safety whistle and light- Always carry a safety whistle to warn others if something happens and always carry a torch if you’re paddling after sunset.

Some tips for you before you go on your first SUP outing

  • If you are a beginner and want to learn quickly then try to choose a calm and small area with not much crowd.
  • Choose a sunny day when it’s little to no wind.
  • Try not to go alone so that someone can keep an eye on you.