What’s the Difference Between Vape Pens and Box Mods?

When selecting an บุหรี่ไฟฟ้า type, it’s essential to understand the distinctions between vape pens and box mods. Doing this will enable you to make the best choice for your requirements.

Vape pens and box mods typically differ in size, with vape pens typically being smaller and often cheaper than their larger counterparts.

  • Battery Life

Your e-cigarette’s battery life depends on the type of device and how frequently you use it. A 650 mAh e-cig typically provides 400 puffs, 900 mAh e-cigs last up to 800 puffs, and 1100 mAh models offer slightly longer performance.

Batteries are measured in milli Ampere hours (mAh). A higher mAh indicates the battery can store more energy, similar to how fuel tanks in cars store fuel; the more of it you have, the longer your journey will last.

Vaping at high wattages can put a tremendous strain on your batteries, leading to shorter battery life. Therefore, it’s essential that you charge your e-cig as soon as possible and use it promptly after finishing charging.

  • Portability

Box mods are larger vape kits, making them more difficult to transport. On the plus side, they’re much more powerful and come with various settings and features.

They usually come as All-in-one (AIO) kits with an integrated tank, batteries, and charger. These make great choices for beginners who want all the convenience of an e-cig without having to deal with complicated settings or refilling a tank manually.

  • Customizability

Customizability is an excellent way to tailor a product to meet the individual needs of your customers. It can encompass add-ons, exclusive functionalities, templates, and flexibility in the design of the item itself.

Customization can help you create a product that your users will enjoy and remain loyal to. It also saves you time and money on features that won’t be utilized.

To determine if your e-cigarette is customizable, analyze the user experience and discover which features customers want. Additionally, utilize customer feedback and support tickets to identify potential opportunities for additional functionality.

  • Ease of Use

Ease of use should be your top priority when selecting between vape pens and box mods. Make sure that it’s easy to modify your settings on the device to meet your preferences.

Some of the newer models come equipped with touch screens, blue tooth speakers, mobile apps, and voice control; however, unless you are tech-savvy and know how to operate the device well, then these features may not be useful to you.

When choosing your device, it is essential to take into account its maximum power capacity. Generally speaking, higher wattages are ideal for high VG juices and larger cloud production processes.